Sydney Night Noodle Markets 2012

I visited the Sydney Night Noodle Markets at Hyde Park for the first time this year as part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival. I went prepared with an growling stomach, a wallet full of dollars and a readiness to try everything and anything! Eating food prepared out of makeshift kitchens in a public space like Hyde Park definitely appeals to that bit within me who loves street food on the roads of Asia.

night noodle markets night noodle markets

We ended up buying and trying:

  • Fried radish from Jackie M – rice cakes with radish, bean sprouts, garlic, chives & eggs.
  • Glutinous rice balls (peanut and mango flavoured) and egg tarts from Saint Honore bakery
  • Vine beef rolls, grilled scallops and nem from La Mint
  • Roast duck noodles from Chat Thai

The standout for me was the grilled scallops. Some of the other dishes suffered a bit from not having the luxury of being prepared in a full kitchen (despite the fact that it was ‘street’ food), but the simpleness of the scallops made it the perfect dish to prepare and eat in a public park.

Jackie M’s fried radish was definitely my next favourite dish. Rice cake is one of my favourite dishes (see previous recipe here), and combined with radish, one of my favourite vegetables, it was really an excellent dish. It’s something that I would like to eat in her actual restaurant one day.

I had a great time at the noodle markets. While we actually didn’t eat a lot, we made our choices after surveying all that was available, so I’m pretty confident we chose the best of what was available. The novelty is what is most appealing about the markets, and we made the most of that. It wasn’t a cheap meal, as we spent about $60 all up once you took into account drinks as well – but it was fun!

Did you go to the noodle markets this year? What were your thoughts?

Review: Sydney Fresh Food Markets Travelicious Tour

This past weekend, I joined Lauren of Travelicious Tours for the Saturday Fresh Food Markets half-day tour. As a small family-run business, the vibe of Travelicious Tours was very different to other food tours I’ve attended, as the tour group was much smaller with seven people and much more personal and intimate as a result.

Note: I joined this tour as a complimentary guest for review purposes.

We started out at 9am on Saturday, meeting at Central Station. Our small group of seven was made up of four older ladies, a younger couple in their late twenties, and myself – promoted by Lauren to the others as a blogger who was there to review the tour. I’ll take that label, and wear it with pride.

Jumping into the Travelicious minivan (chauffered by Lauren’s husband Shaun – I told you it was a family-run business!) we headed towards the Eveleigh Farmers Market, with Lauren giving the group a short history and profile of the markets along the way.

Eveleigh is the type of farmers market where the average stallholder holds numerous awards for the excellence of their produce and products. Built on what used to be former estate in colonial times, the market owners have the strictest standards in order to maintain this level of excellence, ensuring that all their stallholders are small growers who sell produce or items that are organic, local, and sustainable in nature.

Eveleigh markets

As soon as you arrive at Eveleigh Markets, you can absolutely see exactly how prestigious it must be to hold a stall there. I’ve shopped at markets before – however they have always prided themselves on quantity over quality. This is definitely not the case at Eveleigh with under 50 stallholders selling produce that looked so good that your mouth would start watering as soon as you stepped into the market hall. This actually made it quite difficult for Lauren to keep our small group together as people were constantly lured away by the promise of some tasty produce to take home.

The two hours we spent at Eveleigh Markets were designed to give us a personal connection and conversation with some key stallholders and some exclusive taste testing, while also giving us half an hour to shop to our heart’s content for organic produce. Continue reading “Review: Sydney Fresh Food Markets Travelicious Tour”