Food Advertising Betrayals

Most people realise that advertising and marketing makes things look and seem more grandiose than they actually are. I should know, I work in Marketing for a living! Yet, somehow I still manage to get suckered in by food advertising.

Fast food burgers are a great example – anyone who’s ordered a burger at McDonald’s knows that the squashed pancake-esque burger that you receive looks nothing like the plump stacked burger advertised. I was last suckered in by the Supreme Mango Milk Crushed Ice at Taiwanese dessert house Meet Fresh.

mango  mango

As a mango lover, I have to confess I was there for the mango, and it was disappointing to get the final product and have more shaved ice with artificial mango syrup than mango. I have to say though, the dessert was actually really well done, and would have been totally satisfying had you not seen the ad beforehand. The creaminess of the vanilla ice-cream on top combined well with the chill of the flavoured shaved ice, and the sweetness of the mango. If you like Asian-style dessert, this is the dish for you – and a friend! Trust me, you will need two, if not three people to attack this massive dessert!

Review: Emporium of Chocolate

I bought some gourmet handmade chocolates from The Rocks Saturday Market recently from the Emporium of Chocolate stall. I had the intention of serving them as a treat after a dinner party, but K and I ended up eating them at the movies instead – whoops!

Emporium of Chocolate

We tried the Brigadeiro, Dulce de Leche, Coconut and Cherry, and Cointreau chocolates.

  • Brigadeiro: This would have been a really plain chocolate, if not for the fact that there was a walnut in the middle! The walnut really made it special.
  • Dulce de Leche: This was essentially chocolate wrapped around my favourite caramel ever. Great consistency – not too hard, and not too soft.
  • Coconut and Cherry: Great texture – I often find with coconut-based chocolates that the coconut gets quite dry, leaving a nasty aftertaste in your mouth. This was quite the opposite.
  • Cointreau: The levels of alcohol were quite high, and set off well with the orange zest.

Overall, all the chocolates were amazing! Considering the size of the chocolates, I was expecting them to be quite sweet when eaten whole, especially as the samples I’d had at the market were quite small. However, they weren’t too sweet at all and struck a good balance between the chocolate exterior and the various fillings.

My personal favourite was obviously the Dulce de Leche, but some of you will remember my love for the South American caramel. For those with a sweet tooth and a love for gourmet chocolates, I highly recommend visiting Emporium of Chocolate for your next sweet hit!

Emporium of Chocolate has regular stalls at various markets around Sydney: Kirribilli Markets and The Rocks Markets in particular. You can also purchase items directly from their website.

Review: Dessert Masterclass at Mumu Grill, Crows Nest

For a friend’s recent 21st birthday, I purchased vouchers for us both to attend a Dessert Master Class at Mumu Grill in Crows Nest, Sydney. NB: A note to the wise, gifting experiences rather than tangible presents is always a winner!

Last night, we learnt how to make:

  1. Passionfruit cheesecake with a garnish of chilli, kiwifruit, pineapple and mint.
  2. Bread pudding with dark chocolate
  3. Baked rhubarb with hand-whipped cream, meringue, raspberries and nuts
  4. Date and pistachio clafouti, and strawberry clafouti

dessert masterclass

Yum yum!

We had a really good time at this masterclass, and the great thing was that they didn’t just teach you how to make these four dishes, but also taught you ways of adapting them and using different flavours and ingredients – thus helping you to expand your culinary skills.

Overall, the class size was good, the skills taught were great, the food was awesome, and we even got a voucher at the end for a free main meal at the restaurant for use at a later time. Mumu Grill also does a Tapas and Sangria masterclass, and also a Beef and Beers masterclass. I look forward to trying either one of them in the future!

I rate the Dessert Masterclass at Mumu Grill an 8.5 out of 10.
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