Review: Laksa Bar, Melbourne

Since returning to Australia, K and I have been living in my family home with my father and brother. It’s got its obvious benefits like saving money on rent after our savings were depleted on our trip. But it is difficult to find some quality time alone as a married couple!

You have to really make the effort to get out just as a couple and spend some time together. Our first outing was to go on a surprisingly excellent free walking tour of Melbourne – a strange activity for me as a native Melbournian, but a great opportunity for my Sydneysider husband to get to know the city.


We enhanced our day out with lunch at Laksa Bar. While not as popular as Laksa King in Flemington, it’s more centrally located in the northern edge of the city. Considering the rainy weekend and quiet area, the restaurant was surprisingly busy with family groups, couples, friends and individuals.

Cold Barley Drink, $3.90
Cold Barley Drink, $3.90

K chose one of his go-to drink options, a Cold Barley Drink. It came served in a strange beaker-esque glass which actually made it more difficult to scoop up the barley meaning that a lot of it went to waste. Sometimes, a conventional glass just makes more sense.

Fish Skinny Kampung Laksa, $13.90
Fish Skinny Kampung Laksa, $13.90

I chose a Kampung Laksa, advertised as a ‘skinny’ laksa for those looking for a ‘slightly healthier way to enjoy laksa with fewer calories’. As much as I love a traditional curry laksa, I liked this version as the broth was slightly less rich with coconut milk making it much more palatable.

I particularly loved the range of ingredients that come standard with each bowl of laksa at Laksa Bar: fish balls, fish cakes, tofu, seafood stick, vegetables and a fried egg. It was surprisingly generous and really rounded out the bowl of laksa.

Chicken House Curry Laksa, $12.90
Chicken House Curry Laksa, $12.90

K chose the standard House Curry Laksa with chicken. Interestingly, the chicken in the laksa was a fried chicken fillet, sliced and placed on top. It made for a great meal as the fried chicken made for a great textural contrast in the bowl of noodles, adding some much needed crunch.

Laksa Bar does a surprisingly excellent bowl of laksa – rich and creamy if you go for the original and full of flavour and spice if you choose the ‘skinny’ version. Bowls of laksa are remarkably well-priced and if for some crazy reason you don’t love delicious bowls of hot noodles, you can always opt for one of their other Malaysian-style dishes on the menu. I still need to try the crowd favourite Laksa King, but Laksa Bar is pretty awesome in the meantime.

Laksa Bar is located at 108 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

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