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Working and living north of the Harbour Bridge generally means that I don’t really know Sydney CBD very well – I’m certainly not wandering the streets of the city on my lunch break. Before I finished up at work though, I did take a half day off in order to head into the Eastern Suburbs to the Russian consulate to apply for visas for our trip. The application process was a long and tedious (did you know that you have to list every single country you’ve visited in the past ten years, as well as the dates that you visited those countries?), but at least I had the benefit of a rare weekday lunch date with my husband to keep me going!

We met in Martin Place for an extremely early lunch, dropping into Burger Bro? at 11.30am. The restaurant was pretty much empty when we entered, but was packed full of suits by the time we left 45 minutes later. I’m glad we got in early though as it meant that we hardly had to wait for our meals.

Mother Clucker burger with sweet potato fries, $12 + $2
Mother Clucker burger with sweet potato fries, $12 + $2

I was really tempted to order the Elvis-inspired burger with peanut butter and bacon, but I resisted for the sake of my arteries, and chose the chicken Mother Clucker burger with a side of sweet potato fries. The sauce is definitely one of the highlights here – parts of the fried chicken were a bit drier than I would have liked, but the ridiculously flavourful peppery sauce more than made up for it. The sweet potato fries were some of the best I’ve tasted – crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside.

The Bro Burger with fries, $12
The Bro Burger with fries, $12

K ordered the basic Bro Burger with fries. It’s described as a “Kiwi classic” on the menu, with hand-pressed wagyu beef, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and tomato sauce. I think the egg was the highlight on this burger, a surprisingly soft-boiled egg that oozed yolk all over the tender beef patty and other ingredients as soon as he took his first bite. The fries were liberally coated in chicken salt, making them ridiculously more-ish.


So it sounds like a pretty positive experience overall right? Burgers were pretty tasty, both fries were crunchy and more-ish. The downside is, only a couple of hours after we had this meal, I found myself in the clutches of severe abdominal pain that lasted well into the evening. The only culprit could be this meal with the chicken burger the main suspect, though I have considered that it could have potentially been a dodgy post-mix soft drink I had at the same time that caused this pain.

Proceed with caution if you go to Burger Bro?. I hope that my food poisoning wasn’t caused by the burgers, but there’s no guarantees. I suggest ordering something other than the chicken burger!

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  1. I’ve just had a similar experience biting in to the Mother Clucker burger to find it completely raw in the middle. Took it back and then didn’t seem to be overly concerned and just offered me another burger and a refund!

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