Review: Butcher’s Block, Wahroonga

Despite the fact that my in-laws currently live in Wahroonga in Sydney’s Upper North Shore, I have never really explored the shops in the area as we generally visit for dinner in the evening.

K and I recently broke the trend though, and decided to breakfast in Wahroonga following an expedition to pick up some cronuts for our Cronut Tasting Extravaganza. There were a few cafes open on that rainy morning, but we chose to go into the most hipster-looking café we could find – The Butcher’s Block.


Housed in what used to be a butcher’s shop, the café is full of details that loudly proclaim it as being quirky, innovative, and “inner city” in a suburb more renowned for its culturally homogenous wealth. From the unfinished brick walls, the exposed wooden beams of the ceiling to the strategically-placed and carefully-considered retro objects of décor, the Butcher’s Block is strong in its desire to be more than just another café in Wahroonga.

Regular Cappucino, $3.50
Regular Cappucino, $3.50

Prompted by incredibly efficient service (with less than two minutes between being offered a table, given a menu, and asked for a drinks order), Kieran orders a regular cappuccino to buy us some extra time to consider the breakfast menu. The thick creamy layer of froth almost leaves him with a milk moustache.

Garbanzo Smash, $15
Garbanzo Smash, $15 (house made chickpea spread, Tasmanian smoked salmon, poached egg and baby cress with seeded baguette)

I deliberate over two items, but end up choosing to go with the Garbanzo Smash – a healthier choice with salmon and poached egg, one of my favourite combinations. I found the chickpea smash quite disappointing without the subtleties of flavours that even a good hummus can provide, and the two small slices of baguette were a bit too burnt on the edges. Still – you can’t go past a smoked salmon and egg combination I guess.

Breakfast Burger, $18
Breakfast Burger, $18 (Brasserie Brioche with Tasmanian smoked salmon, spicy avocado puree, fried egg and crispy chorizo)

K’s choice of the Breakfast Burger leaves him feeling a bit disappointed. The description on the menu made him believe that it would be a gigantic burger that included both salmon and chorizo. Realising that the “crispy chorizo” would be limited to a few pre-prepared dehydrated thin slices scattered as fancy ‘food styling’ decoration on the plate rather than a thick slice of salty spicy chorizo on the burger itself was very disappointing!


This review might sound a bit negative, but The Butcher’s Block isn’t all bad news. Sure, it’s a little on the pricey side for what you get. Sure, the service is so quick and speedy (with a subtle “are you done yet?”) that we managed to order, eat, and leave within half an hour. But at least it’s another dining option in Wahroonga, and I hear the lunch menu is a lot more impressive than the breakfast menu…

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7 thoughts on “Review: Butcher’s Block, Wahroonga”

  1. Wow they incinerated your toast! My brother has been and had a fairly similar experience re the food.
    My friend was engaged to the barista (don’t know if he’s still there) but I cant go on that reason alone. Being a good friend and all that. :)

  2. I went to the Butcher’s block a while back (as I was a Wahroonga local) – I would never go back. I never understood the massive queues to get a table. Such a shame about the ‘breakfast burger’. It seems they are good at having a menu that reads rather deceitful. I ordered their special on the day which was worded poached egg with fresh minted peas and crispy speck. What came out was an overcooked egg, pea mash (not even puree), chewy speck and inedible (and hard) sour dough. Such a shame because the location / fit out is gorgeous! xx

  3. You should go back again. New chef since December, and I was able to eat at their new venue The Butchers Apprentice. Last night is was a food experience, unlike any standard restaurant. Meals need to be shared as they are so large. The desserts orgasmic. The beer and wine top draw.

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