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As a devoted bargain hunter, you can imagine my delight when I found out that a new colleague was as dedicated to finding a good deal as I am. We’ve started having lunch together every couple of weeks using either an Entertainment Book voucher or a Daily Deal coupon. When a Daily Deal option came up for the new-ish Fresh Crows Nest, we jumped at the opportunity and booked ourselves in for an all-day breakfast.

Tomato and Rendered Chorizo Baked Eggs with Maffra Cheese Toast, $15.90

In the mood for something warming and rich, I order baked eggs with beans with a side of a delicious cheese toastie. The menu specifically mentions that the chorizo is rendered to remove fat before being included in the dish, and given my current diet and exercise regime, that’s a real plus in my book! This is just one of the ways that Fresh consider the health impact of their meals on their customers though, as they have an overall philosophy of using only organic, free range, fresh produce with as little processing as possible.

Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout and Sorrel Omelette, $15.90

My colleague ordered the trout omelette with gluten-free toast on the side, and found it a delicious mix of sweet caramelised onions, textured sorrel, salty trout, and fresh dill creme fraiche. Her omelette looked so good that an older lady actually came over to us to specifically ask about the dish, as she was keen to try it too!


Making green tea is a real art, and one that many people get wrong with either steeping leaves for too long, or at too high a temperature. Fresh anticipate this issue, and actually offer a little timer with my green tea to ensure that my tea leaves are steeped to my preference!


Fresh have quite a few of their organic home-made products available for retail sale as well, with their house muesli and trail mix seeming popular with locals as they drop in. Fresh also offer bullet-proof coffee – something that K has been keen to try so I think I will have to bring him back!

However – other colleagues have visited Fresh since us, and had bad experiences that have them vowing never to return. They may have just been having a bad day though, so I’m going to take that feedback with a grain of salt!

Overall, I really enjoyed our visit to Fresh, and I think that I’ll probably be back. Even without using a Daily Deal, the prices are quite reasonable for the quality and freshness of the food that you’re served – well worth a splurge every now and again.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fun meal! Let me know if you try the Bulletproof Coffee – I’ve had something similar here and would be keen to hear your opinion! :)

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