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Now I know every man and his dog has been to the Sedap in Regents Place in the city, but the Westfield Chatswood branch in the food court is actually the closest Sedap to home for me. They certainly live up to their name – sedap means tasty, and the food certainly was!


The shop counter is decorated to resemble a street stall with hawker style menu boards showing all the traditional Malaysian dishes that are available, including laksas, rendang, nasi lemak, and more. There’s a great range of fried foods on display as well, including pisang goreng, ayam goreng, and more.


We start by selecting a few items from the fried foods displayed – a piece of fried chicken and a piece of spicy tofu each as well. The chicken skin was wonderfully spiced and fantastically crispy. Unfortunately the flesh had dried out quite a bit by the time we got it – perhaps a result of having sat there under the heat lamps for an indeterminate amount of time, but also potentially a result of the frying process. The tofu on the other hand was wonderful – crispy on the outside, but still firm and silky inside.


Our drinks arrived in quaint street-style tin cups, not unlike what you would find on the streets of Malaysia. Both K’s kopi o and my teh tarik were beautifully frothy and sweet. The main issue with the drinks was the inconsistency of quantity or value for money – my cup of teh tarik was very low compared to K’s kopi o which was nearly overflowing.


For mains, we shared a Maggi Goreng which had a good selection of ingredients in both prawns, chicken and fresh tomatoes and lettuce. The salty, sweet, and smokey flavours of the sauce was great, and the texture of the noodles perfectly al dente.


As we got up to leave, I decided that I wanted something sweet to go. We chose a piece of goreng pisang (the last one available, I almost had to fight an old lady for it!) and a piece of fried sweet potato as well. They were both very moreish, and I found it very difficult to stop myself from going back for more. The more fried food the better right?

Overall, I rate Sedap in Chatswood an 8 out of 10 – despite the food court atmosphere, you still feel like you’re getting a great meal!

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