Review: Brasserie Bread, Sydney Airport

Another trip, another airport meal! The last time I flew to Melbourne, I dined at Tap House. This time I chose brasserie bread, a little bakery with some private seating off the main food court of Sydney’s Domestic Airport. The sounds of the airport still carry through however, so it always feels quite rushed with people hurrying past to make it to their gate before their plane departs. One of the pitfalls of dining in an airport!


Brasserie bread’s baked goods are definitely the drawcard here. They proudly pronounce and promote their freshly baked artisan loaves, talking up the dense sourdoughs, the soft brioche buns, the crusty Italian rolls. Flaky fruit-topped pastries take pride of place in the display cabinets, tempting you as you queue up to place your order before moving to the private dining area.

Lemongrass chicken burger with pickled cucumber, $18

With lots of peak hour flights after work, there are a lot of business people stopping by for one of brasserie bread’s many grab and go sandwich and wrap options. With a few hours to kill before my flight though, I choose to order a la carte and opt for the lemongrass chicken burger with pickled cucumber.

The chicken was nice and crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. The burger itself was quite plain – with just the chicken fillet and spinach. It could actually have benefited from having a layer of mayonnaise or similar – the chicken was surprisingly spicy (though without much of a lemongrass flavour?), and the burger really needed something to cool it down. The pickled cucumber also looked really strange sliced the way it was. Having a pickle on the side American-style would have been much more appropriate!

Chocolate Brownie, $4

Because I also have no self-control whatsoever, I got a chocolate brownie to eat before I boarded the plane. The brownie was firm, yet the chocolate simply melted in your mouth. The nuts were a fantastic addition as well, lending some texture and crunch to the brownie.

Overall, I rate Brasserie Bread a 6.5 out of 10 – it’s certainly not the worst meal you could have at Sydney Airport, and I suspect their grab and go range is better than their hot menu range!

Apparently Movida will opening up at Sydney Airport at the end of August, so expect that to be my next ‘airport meal’ blog post!

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  1. That looks like a great airport option! The brownie looks really, really nice! I follow these guys on Instagram, and didn’t realise they were at the airport too, haha. :)

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