Review: Streets Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up Store, Sydney

I remember walking home from primary school as a young kid in a school uniform two sizes too big for me (“don’t worry, you’ll grow into it!”). If I happened to have 50 cents in my pocket, I would stop by the service station on the way home and buy myself a cheap lemon icypole, all the while lusting after the more expensive and infinitely superior Magnums in the ice-cream fridge.

Luckily I’m no longer that envious little girl who only had fifty cents to spend – otherwise I wouldn’t have the opportunity to try the exciting Streets Magnum popup concept store in Westfield Sydney. A dream come true for that little girl, a nirvana where you get to not only choose the flavour of your Magnum but the toppings too.


The line of people waiting to create their own Magnum was still quite long, though it had already been open for two weeks before I managed to make my way to the shop. Demand was high, and it was down to positive word of mouth – I heard the girl in front of me claiming she was only there because her colleague talked it up so much!


The concept is simple – you start with a plain vanilla ice-cream on a stick, then choose your ‘shell’ of chocolate – white, milk, or dark. Pick up to three toppings – everything from healthy nuts to sweet chocolate sprinkles and exotic “rose praline”, “rose petals”, “rock sea salt” and “crushed chocolate-coated coffee beans”. Choose a drizzling chocolate flavour to finish off your creation – again, white, milk or dark.


The staff at the stand are clearly well in-tune with each other, working seamlessly to churn out Magnum after Magnum. They take pride in their work as well, doing their best to make sure that the finished product is attractive.

Dark chocolate coated Magnum with honeycomb pieces, toasted coconut flakes and crumbled meringue, drizzled with white chocolate. $7

Despite this care, there are key flaws to each finished Magnum. The chocolate coating is chewy, rather than the brittle glass-like coating on a normal Magnum. The heaping of toppings on one side of the Magnum rather than an even coating makes it impossible to eat the ice-cream without everything falling off.

Even with these shortcomings though, I find myself enjoying my custom Magnum. The flavours are just what I like in an ice-cream, and it’s an absolutely decadent treat. For the reasonable price of $7, it’s well worth it for the sheer novelty of creating your own ice-cream and taking part in a new dessert craze.

The Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up Store is located in Westfield Sydney, Pitt St Mall, just outside of the Gap on the ground floor. It will be open until August 25.

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