The Botanist Kirribilli Launch Party

Three weeks ago, a day before I flew so urgently to Melbourne, I attended the launch of The Botanist Kirribilli‘s new menu and website. As a complete sucker for unique establishments with carefully thought-out themes and concepts, I’d been interested in The Botanist since it first opened its doors a few months ago. The Botanist takes its name from a bookshop run by illustrious botanist Gerard Fothergill that once occupied the same space, and has extended this theme across their menu (food and cocktails), as well as decor and the artistic elements that can be found across most of their marketing collateral.

Check out the cute Botanist-themed illustrations on the menu!

K and I sampled the Italian sausage, potato and rosemary pizza, as well as the Marinated beef, queso and onion relish taco. The pizza was my pick of the night – I find it can be hard to ‘jazz up’ potato on pizza, but the simple addition of the rosemary worked really well. The Flower Doctor cocktail that was circulating on the night was a real hit with the crowd, and I only regret that I didn’t get a chance to sample it as it kept running out before it came my way!

The crowd at the launch party – check me out in the top right corner!

We both agreed that The Botanist was the kind of bar that we could easily find ourselves at every Friday afternoon after work knocking back a few drinks with friends, or on a Sunday afternoon after a leisurely morning stroll along the waterfront. It’s a very versatile space, where you can have both a romantic and intimate rendezvous in a dark corner, and a boisterous drinking session with ten of your closest friends.

Congratulations to The Botanist for a really successful launch party, and for the inevitable success of its first year as the new player on the Sydney bar scene!

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