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The last time I had an appointment with the Red Cross, I dined at Menya Mappen afterwards to get my energy levels back up after losing half a litre of blood.

This time, I donated plasma for the first time, a process that takes about twice as long and involved a more elaborate machine. Plasma can be used in a number of different ways, and is particularly useful for patients with trauma, burns, or blood disorders because of its clotting factor. The donation process is more demanding on the donor as well – not only are you in the chair for longer, but you receive saline and anticoagulants that can cause chills and tingling in your body. However, I consider this to be a small sacrifice given that my donation could potentially save lives.

If you aren’t already a regular blood donor, please consider making your first appointment with the Red Cross Blood Service and giving life to those who need it most. 

It doesn’t mean that I’m entirely virtuous however! Giving blood in the city after work is an excellent excuse for going out for a meal afterwards, to regain your energy. This time, K and I dined at Ramen Zundo in World Square after reading excellent reviews in the SMH Good Food Under $30 guide. It’s not part of my official ‘Food Goals’ list because it’s not on the North Shore, but its three star rating in the guide makes it a worthwhile visit on my rare forays to the city.


K ordered the Mount Chashu (with extra pork) on a Zundo White soup base. I ordered the standard chilli-based Zundo Red. We shared the soft shell crab entree and a ramen salad (both dishes are on the ‘new menu’).

zundo02 zundo03

The soup was rich and full bodied, and extremely tasty. However, as the night we went was actually quite warm, I found myself enjoying the cold ramen salad more – the dressing was light and complimented the simple salad well. I also preferred the slightly chewier texture of the noodles in the salad more than the ramen in soup, which had gone soft in the hot soup.

The soft shell crab was also a little disappointing. Unlike the soft shell crab that I’ve had at restaurants like Ryo’s in North Sydney, Ramen Zundo’s version wasn’t crispy enough, and it seemed like it hadn’t been battered and fried sufficiently. It’s not an entree that I would suggest ordering.

Each dish was quite well priced though, with the bill coming to just around $40 for the two of us (with drinks). There was definitely too much food though, so the next time we visit I anticipate only ordering one ramen in soup, one ramen salad, and perhaps another entree. It’s definitely good value for money, and a great location for a quick dinner after an engagement in the city.

Overall, I rate Ramen Zundo a 7.5 out of 10. 

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5 thoughts on “Review: Ramen Zundo, Sydney”

  1. Ramen Zundo has become my regular Ramen joint (living across the road helps). I find the broth is flavorsome but not nearly as thick or salty as the popular Gumshara Ramen in Eating World.

  2. I went here for dinner about two weeks ago and LOVED it – I had the black zundo with garlic oil, delish! I think I liked it better than Ippudo especially as it’s cheaper.

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