Recipe: Poached Eggs on a Baked Bean Salsa (Tomato-Free)

I grew up in an Asian household eating hot meals at breakfast – congee, noodles, dumplings, and more. As a result, I never feel like I’ve properly started the day as a fully-functioning member of society until I’ve had a hot meal – cereal just doesn’t cut it for me. I can’t even have toast unless I dress up with hot melted cheese on top.

As a result, I’m always searching for low-effort cooked breakfasts that really hit the spot and are chock full of carbs and protein to get you through the day. My new favourite is a very rustic dish, served directly in the pan – poached eggs on a baked bean salsa. It shouldn’t take any more than twenty minutes to prepare, and is super hearty and satisfying. This recipe is particularly good for that subset of society who don’t enjoy eating tomatoes, or like my ex-colleague, are severely allergic to tomatoes.



  • One can of baked beans (or equivalent home-made baked beans)
  • Four eggs
  • A few rashers of bacon
  • One onion
  • One sweet corn, roasted on the cob and cooled
  • Grated cheese
  • Mexican chilli powder (I used the Masterfoods brand)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Should serve 4 people, with toast on the side.


  1. Dice the onion and bacon rashers finely and fry them up in a non-stick 20cm pan on a high heat until browned. 
  2. Empty the can of baked beans into the pan and combine with the bacon and onion. Mix in some Mexican chilli powder and salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Scatter grated cheese over the top of the baked bean mixture, and then turn the heat down low to let the mixture slowly simmer.
  4. Poach four eggs (I use the Glad Wrap method featured on Masterchef and Not Quite Nigella).
  5. While the eggs are poaching, cut the corn kernels from your cold cooked corn cob, and scatter the kernels over the baked bean mixture in the pan.
  6. Place the four poached eggs gently on top of the mixture, then break the yolk and let it run through the baked bean salsa for a flavour explosion.

If you wanted this dish to be less rustic and more refined in presentation, you can always use small ramekins and decorate it with a sprig of parsley. Simply spoon some of the salsa mixture into a ramekin, and place a poached egg on top with toasted bruchetta on the side. Ta-dah, you have a fancy breakfast!

One thought on “Recipe: Poached Eggs on a Baked Bean Salsa (Tomato-Free)”

  1. I just love hot breakfasts to and didn’t grow up with cereal either.. I find it hard to transition although my bf absolutely loves the stuff.. I much prefer a bowl of noodles or congee over cereal any day! I would kill to have a great Vietnamese place next door to my home or work so I could gorge myself on pho every morning haha. This looks like a great and healthy breakfast idea :)

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