Review: Line Clear, Penang, Malaysia

I visited Malaysia for the first time in December last year, spending three days in Penang and three days in Kuala Lumpur (with a day in Seremban, visiting K’s family). I was really looking forward to trying all the different foods, especially after some great experiences with a buffet at the Grace Hotel, and a cooking class with Jackie M.

I found on my trip that I really enjoyed the do-it-yourself routine of a lot of Malaysian street food. I learnt to look out for any stalls marked ‘nasi kampur’, knowing that I’d be guaranteed a delicious motley of a meal where I would have hand-picked every grain of rice, curry, meat or vegetable that appeared on my plate.

One of the better nasi kampur places we went to on our holiday was Line Clear off Penang Road in Georgetown. It is quite a famous Indian-style eatery down an alleyway – so famously good that K’s father made a special point of printing out directions for us before we went overseas, as he wanted to make sure that we would try the food there.


I couldn’t precisely tell you what we ended up getting at Line Clear – there was a mutton in curry which melted off the bone, a fried chicken with beautiful spicy batter, a spicy yellow rice, and more. All the dishes were delicious, and the restaurant was clearly a favourite with the locals. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any roti on the day we went, so we ended up going up the street for our roti fix!

Line Clear is located off Penang Road in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

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