Recipe: Wonton Noodle Soup

I recently made Wonton Noodle Soup for the first time. While I have made dumplings before, making wonton was new for me.


Wonton skin (egg-based), 500gm fatty pork mince, 2 bunches of garlic chives, dark soy sauce, aged Chinese vinegar, chilli sauce, sesame oil, sugar, egg noodles, chicken soup (of your choosing).


  1. Create your chicken soup, whether it’s from a stock cube, directly from a chicken carcass, or a can. Whatever works for you, but ensure that it is a clear broth, not a thick soup. Keep it on a slow simmer on the stove.
  2. Finely chop up the garlic chives, and mix it in with the mince. Add two dashes each of soy and vinegar, a pinch of sugar and chilli sauce and sesame oil to your liking. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Start making your wontons. Use a small dab of the pork mixture in the middle of a wonton skin, then seal the skin with some water and wrap it to your liking. Just ensure that you keep quite a bit of skin free, as cooked wonton are characterised by a longer trailing skin.
  4. Once you’ve finished making your wontons, boil a pot of water. Drop a handful of egg noodles in the pot – one handful for each person. Depending on whether you use dry or fresh egg noodles, cook them for two or three minutes.
  5. Use tongs to take the cooked noodles from the pot, and place in individual bowls. Make sure you don’t take too much of the water with the noodles.
  6. Drop the wonton into the boiling water. Cook for approximately three minutes. Once done, use a straining ladle to take the wonton out of the water and divide evenly between the individual bowls.
  7. Pour the hot chicken soup over the wonton and noodles, and serve with condiments on the side for diners to help themselves (chilli sauce, extra sesame oil, chopped herbs, etc.).

These quantities should feed approximately five or six people, presuming a handful of egg noodles per person and around ten small wonton each. Total cost is in the region of $12-$20AUD, presuming you already have all the sauces at home and depending on what kind of chicken soup you choose to use.

One thought on “Recipe: Wonton Noodle Soup”

  1. Wonton noodle soup is one of the greatest comfort foods there is. I’m counting down the days till I can eat a steaming bowl of this in a cha chaan tang in December, but I might just have to make some to tide myself over till then! :D

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