Dine At Mine Campaign for Camp Quality

I have a yearning to do good in the world and to make a difference. It started from a young age, when I first decided I wanted to become a teacher, and mould the minds of future generations. Then I wanted to become a journalist and become a champion for the underdog. Now I’ve built my career as a marketer and communicator for not for profit organisations, helping to raise funds for a worthy cause.

Knowing this and knowing my interest in food, Pendulum Communications sent me a media kit promoting Camp Quality‘s Dine At Mine campaign which will run throughout August.

Dine at Mine is a simple event where you invite your family and friends over for dinner and get them to donate what they would have spent going out to dinner to Camp Quality.

It’s a really simple concept, and one that works really well given society’s current interest in cooking shows (Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules, etc.) and also the overall economic climate where more people are staying in more often to save money! I did a similar thing myself earlier this year when I did a series of fundraising dinner parties to raise money for my Jump to Cure Diabetes where I jumped out of a plane for JDRF.


The kit came with a gorgeous premium “Black Label” chocolate fondant mix from White Wings. As someone who cooks more than bakes, these gourmet style ready-desserts are an absolute godsend! I’m yet to test this mix – perhaps I’ll save it for when I run my own Dine At Mine event in August?


When you register to run a “Dine At Mine” event, you get sent a Welcome Pack that includes absolutely everything you could possibly need to make your event a success. From custom invitations to donation cards and a display poster, the information booklet also guides you through how to set up your own fundraising webpage, tips for planning the perfect dinner party, and yummy recipes.

The campaign website includes even more of these fundraising and theming ideas and tips, as well as recipes straight from the event ambassadors Manu Feildel, Lyndey Milan and Justine Schofield.


It’s like I say to people who question why I always put my hand up to volunteer at charity events – we are the lucky ones. There are lots of people in our country and the world who don’t have it as good as we do, and it is absolutely our obligation as caring and socially conscious individuals to give back what we can. The least we can do this August is host a dinner party to help improve the lives of children and families facing a battle with cancer!

I encourage everyone to get behind this exciting initiative, and host a Dine At Mine dinner party in August in support of Camp Quality.