Chanoy Honeymoon: Prague, April 2016

Note – photo gallery at the bottom of this post.

The greatest pleasure I took in visiting Prague was simple – just wandering the streets, taking in the architecture and atmosphere. That’s where I think Prague really shines as a tourist destination. While it’s popular with younger travellers for its cheap beer and notoriously messy pub crawls, the range of different architectural styles that pepper the city means that you can find something beautiful down every street.

Art Nouveau plays a large part in the city. Gold gilding, frescoes, mosaics and colours decorate buildings, creating a scene of real beauty often at the top of buildings where you may not normally look. And these art nouveau buildings may sit right beside a building following the Neo-Classical style with Greek columns, which might itself be next to a Brutalist Communist-era grey monstrosity.

This blending of different architectural styles is the type of city planning that one would never find in Australia. That’s what makes a visit to Europe so fascinating for someone like me who enjoys looking at different building features!

Not into art and architecture? You can take part in Prague’s famous nightlife culture with its multiple beer halls and pub crawls as I mentioned earlier. Why not join the Czechs in drinking an estimated 214 litres of beer every year?

If that’s not your scene either, the food scene in Prague is surprisingly excellent. While there’s still the cosy neighbourhood pubs like Vidlicky A Noze and Atmosphere Cafe Pub, there’s a burgeoning group of higher-end restaurants like Alcron that are delivering truly unforgettable dining experiences.

None of that sounds appealing? Just take it easy. We had an extremely relaxing time while there, whiling away a few hours in the local parks looking at the cherry blossom trees and climbing to the top of a hill for a view over the city. Once you get tired out, you can visit one of the few Thai massage parlours in Prague. We did that and paid only $128 AUD for a two-hour massage each…that works out to be only $32 an hour! It’s an absolute bargain by Australian standards, so why not treat yourself?

Prague may be small but it does have quite a lot to offer. Europeans, make it your next long weekend destination, and everyone else…give yourselves a few days in Prague if you ever visit Europe!

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