Review: Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven, Forest Hill

Five years ago, I traversed the length of the West Coast of America with my friend Beth. Over the course of a month, we went from as far down south as Tijuana to as far north as Vancouver. Some parts of the trip still stick in my mind. Our day at Disneyland for example, or the beautiful drive through Washington State from Seattle to Forks (we went for a Twilight tour!).

I’d managed to forget whole other elements of the trip though, and Beth had to remind me recently that I had in fact had a go on the mechanical bull in a Wild West bar we visited. I don’t have an excuse for forgetting about those experiences…except perhaps the $15 bottles of vodka at CVS?


In honour of our USA trip, we visited Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven at Forest Hill Chase on Beth’s recent 30th birthday which also happened to be the 4th of July. How apt! The cliched kitschy retro diner was only half-full given it was a Monday night, but there were a few other large groups with kids in the diner celebrating what looked like family birthdays.

USA Floats, $6.50 each
USA Floats, $6.50 each

We started our meal with a spider each, called USA Floats as you have your spider with American soft drinks. My pineapple Fanta tasted nothing like pineapple, but the extremely artificial fruity fizzy drink did go particularly well with the creamy vanilla ice-cream. Beth’s Sioux City Cream Soda became even more creamy with the ice-cream added!

Captain America's Celebrated Heavenly Burger, $19.90
Captain America’s Celebrated Heavenly Burger, $19.90

Beth had the classic Captain America’s Celebrated Heavenly Burger, stacked with the beef patty, fried egg, bacon, onion, pineapple, lettuce, tomato, cheese and a pickle, served with crispy crunchy chips on the side. The chips weren’t remarkable (I think the oil was a bit old), but the burger was exceptional with a deliciously grilled patty.

I did try to talk her into trying their burger challenge (a 1kg double burgr with 3o0gm of chips), but she wasn’t keen – and lucky that, as the standard burger was already so stacked that I can’t imagine what a double burger would even look like!

Pizza Burger, $15.50
Pizza Burger, $15.50

I chose a Pizza Burger with a beef patty topped with pizza sauce and cheese with lettuce, tomato, ham, olives, onion, mushrooms, capsicum and pineapple…wow! I couldn’t eat this with my hands, and had to attack it in pieces with a fork and knife.

I picked out the olives as they didn’t add much to the burger, and thought the pizza toppings were a bit soft overall. It would have worked better if there was a bit more texture – e.g. if the capsicum was smokier and grilled rather than softened and caramelised. Overall though, definitely a burger to tempt the tastebuds and clog your arteries.

Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven doesn’t do anything by halves. Burgers are ridiculously large and overindulgent, and you’ll barely need to touch the chips. I don’t even know who would need to order a starter or a dessert to go with their meal – we couldn’t even share a dessert between the two of us no matter how much we wanted a slice of good ole American apple pie. Definitely the place to go if you’re looking for kitschy diner overindulgence in Melbourne!

Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven is located in Forest Hill Chase, at 138/270 Canterbury Road, Forest Hill.

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  1. Food took forever to come out. Over priced. Don’t get the ribs you pay $36.50 for really a massive serve of chips. Hamburgers were very plain. Very disappointing and will not return. Waitresses were very friendly .

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