Review: Dr Falafel, Ohrid Macedonia

While we spent three nights in Ohrid in the south-west of Macedonia, we actually only ate out once, at Dr Falafel. We’d intended on eating out more often, but two things happened: 1) our Airbnb apartment had a decent kitchen – after not having a kitchen in Skopje, we wanted to cook some healthier meals at home; and 2) we met a lovely Macedonian lady one day who invited us home with her for a home-cooked lunch. More on that wonderful day in a real Macedonian home in my next blog entry!

For now though, a quick recap of our meal at Dr. Falafel, a quick-stop shop on Ohrid’s pedestrian street offering what must be the only wholly vegan-friendly menu in town. This is no mean feat when meat is a prominent part of the Macedonian diet and most restaurants offer only variations on grilled meats with any salads being a small, over-dressed side salad.


The menu is quite small and specialised, offering only variations of falafel and hummus. One serve of falafel is 80 dinar ($2.05 AUD). One serve of hummus is 120 dinar ($3.07 AUD). Hummus and falafel together is 150 dinar ($3.84 AUD). Hummus, falafel and a drink is 180 dinar ($4.60 AUD). It’s not the type of menu that will break the bank! Each meal comes with a complimentary serve of fresh salad as well (so fresh that we saw the owner prepping the cabbage coleslaw as we sat eating our meal!), so K and I both ordered the meal deal.


The homemade hummus has a strong garlicky flavour, and is served with a liberal amount of herbed and spiced olive oil – so much so that it pools in the middle of the hummus which makes it all the more tastier to dip bread into. The falafel is freshly fried right in front of our eyes, coming to our table as perfectly sized deep-fried balls of spiced crumbly chickpea goodness. K called these the best falafel he’s ever had – they were just the perfect consistency and held together really well compared to some of the dry falafels you may have had before.


Each meal comes with a small side salad – nothing fancy, just shredded and lightly dressed cabbage, beetroot, carrot and lettuce. Keeping it simple, fresh and healthy, with the lightest of vinaigrette dressings.


Dr Falafel also offers a home-baked loaf of soft white bread to go with your meal (one loaf between two people). I thought this was delicious – the bread was dense while still being quite spongy meaning that when you dipped it into the olive oil-infused hummus, it could really ‘grip’ the hummus for a great hummus to bread ratio.

This isn’t the place for you to visit if you want typical Macedonian grilled meats, or a big menu with lots of choices, or even a fancy extended meal. However, if you want delicious, cheap food that’s a little bit lighter and healthier than your usual ‘fast food’, Dr Falafel is one of the best choices you can make if you’re visiting Ohrid in Macedonia.

Dr Falafel is located at 8 7-Mi Noemvri (Beginning of Ohridska Carshija) in Ohrid, Macedonia.

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