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I’m not going to lie to you – I’m a bit of a feeder and have inherited the Asian Mother gene of insisting that my guests have just one more serving, and wouldn’t you like dessert, and please, take this home with you! Let’s just say that I have made cheese toasties at 11pm for ravenous guests before.

Realising recently that we haven’t had guests over for dinner recently because we’d been so caught up in wedding planning, we invited a few of K’s friends (“the boys”) over for dinner and I decided to use a $50 voucher I received from Delivery Hero to order some takeaway and feed everyone up.


Jumping on the website and inputting my suburb, I was presented with a list of options closest to me. You could sort by cuisine, and various other filters. I chose to go with the first option presented – Curry Monitor Indian Takeaway in Gordon.


With three guests coming over, I decided that four curries, four naans, and a vegetable samosa each should be enough to feed us all, especially as I cooked basmati rice ourselves in our rice cooker. All up, the total cost came to $80.30, or $30.30 out of pocket once you took into account the $50 voucher I had.


I hate spending a long time signing up for new accounts for various things alone, so I was really glad that Delivery Hero offered an option to create an account simply by logging in through Facebook. It made things a lot quicker and easier, and really streamlined the online ordering process.

I ordered in the mid-afternoon, and requested a delivery time of 7.30pm. Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call at 5pm from “Scott” from Delivery Hero, who welcomed me as a new customer, hoped that I would enjoy my first order, and wished me a good evening. It’s that kind of personal touch that really stands out as being particularly impressive customer service.

The delivery guy from Curry Monitor showed up on our doorstep pretty much smack bang on 7.30pm without any issues finding our apartment. With a smile, he handed over our delicious-smelling order, and we sat down to enjoy our dinner.


The four curries we ordered were all quite tasty, but I think the Mango Chicken was a standout. I was a bit apprehensive when I ordered it, as I had visions of terrible Chinese style cliched lemon chicken. The mango chicken was amazing though – aromatic, slightly sweet, slightly chilli, with tender pieces of chicken. The chickpea, pea, and potato curry was also full of depth of flavour – a fantastic option if you’re vegetarian.


The naans that we ordered (two garlic, one cheese, one meat) were also very tasty, but unfortunately had gotten a little bit soggy from being parceled up in a foil bag for the trip to our house.


All in all, the curries on offer at Curry Monitor in Gordon are a fantastic option if you’re looking for depth of flavour over pure chilli burn. I can see why it was one of the favourite Indian takeaway joints of my semi-vegetarian brother-in-law when he was living in Gordon, and I would probably order from them again the next time I’m after Indian food in this area!

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Gourmanda received a credit from Delivery Hero towards the purchase of this meal. The remaining cost of the meal was self-paid.

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