Hens Weekend on the Mornington Peninsula

As previously blogged, I recently went on a weekend away with a few of my best girl friends from high school to the Mornington Peninsula – for my pre-wedding hens celebrations! It was designed to be a low-key weekend of relaxation on a budget…and to that point, I think we succeeded.


We rented the Rest at Rye guest house on Airbnb, a holiday home designed for family groups. It’s very much designed for families who stay for a long visit and bring all their own supplies from toilet paper to cooking oil, but at the same time, more than suitable for our group of girls lounging around the house.


We made pasta for dinner on the first night, and spent the rest of the evening watching movies, and (healthily!) snacking on cut veggies and dips. Can I just say – the crispy bacon with caramelised onion dip by Black Swan is a revelation? I just couldn’t get enough of it!


The next morning, we made smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on English muffins for breakfast. It’s simple, but it’s also the type of breakfast that I rarely cook myself at home because it’s that much easier to have oats or a slice of toast. It’s definitely a weekend ‘special treat’ kind of a breakfast.


After breakfast we headed off to The Enchanted Adventure Garden, a popular family tourist destination on the Mornington Peninsula. The attraction features many different gardens, multiple mazes…


…some interactive fun like a life-size Snakes and Ladders game…


…and brain teasers like this car tyre game where you had to reach the centre tyre following a specific combination. There’s also some tyre slides (good fun!) and a treetop ropes course if you pay a little bit extra as well. All in all, a fun and active way to spend the morning before lunch at a dairy farm and strawberry farm.


Returning to our holiday house, we spent the afternoon walking down to Rye beach via this out-of-a-fairytale walkway bordered by twisted gnarled trees of yesteryear.


And clambered over rocks as we took a long walk on the beach.


Passed by rows of brightly coloured cabins on the beach, wondering how much they would cost and whether we would ever afford a luxury like this (short answer – no!).


Before wandering down the pier to watch the changing sunset skies and check out the daily catches of all the local fisherman.


When we got back to our holiday home that evening, we were prepped for a big dinner! Locally caught fresh oysters, BBQ’d lamb koftas and lamb chops, as well as three different salads: 1) beans, corn and parsley, 2) crunchy coleslaw; 3) Caesar salad. A feast fit for kings…or hens at least!


The next morning we had a quick breakfast of somewhat misshapen pancakes with some of the fresh berries we bought from Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm the day before.


Then we packed up and headed off to our final activity of the weekend – horse-riding at Ace-Hi ranch. This is my buddy Sal who took me on an hour-long trail ride – slow, steady, but keen on taking on her own path, Sal took every opportunity she had to stop and munch on fresh grass off the trail. Not only did my bum become sore from only an hour’s worth of riding, but my hands ached from gripping the reins and trying to keep her on track!

We finished our weekend with a late lunch at the Rosebud Hotel before heading back to Melbourne and the real world. All in all, I really couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and carefree hens weekend away! It certainly ticked all the boxes that I was looking for, and I can’t wait to go back to the Peninsula the next time I spend a decent amount of time in Melbourne.

5 thoughts on “Hens Weekend on the Mornington Peninsula”

  1. That looks like so much fun! Congrats on a fab hen’s weekend! I love Rye.

    Omg – total coincidence, I had the Black Swan caramelised onion and smoky bacon dip with my dinner tonight too – how yum is it?!

    xox Sarah

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