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Have you ever had that dramatic build-up of anticipation for an exciting event, only for it to come crashing down around you? That’s what happened to my plans of going to the recent first-ever Flour Markets in Sydney. I got there just as it was due to open for the day, only to find that the queue had already snaked around the whole building with an estimated wait time of over an hour.

With a tendency to have low blood sugars in the morning and get incredibly hangry, I couldn’t afford to wait that long for food and so said a sad goodbye to the Flour Markets and went in search for breakfast elsewhere.


Walking past Brooklyn Hide on Commonwealth St in Surry Hills, I spied the rarest of situations – two free seats at the bar in a Surry Hills breakfast joint and no waiting queue! K and I jumped at the opportunity and sat ourselves down for a meal in this tiny quaint little cafe. Glancing at the diners around us, I saw that delicious fresh looking bagels are clearly the specialty at this cafe.


K ordered a cappuccino which he found a bit too milky for his taste. I argued that it was more a case of his being used to double shot coffees rather than this being too milky! My apple and watermelon juice was delicious, with just the right balance to ensure that the sweetness of the watermelon balanced the stronger flavours of the apple.

The Bronx – $10

K chose the Bronx as the bagel with the most traditionally breakfast ingredients – prosciutto, egg with a runny yolk , chutney and rocket. This bagel would actually lean on the side of being over-simple, if it wasn’t for the superb runny yolk egg that becomes magic when combined with the tomato chutney. The slight pepperiness of the rocket also adds a little zing that makes the whole bagel a very satisfying meal in whole.

The Harlem, $12

My Harlem was far from a traditional breakfast bagel, but still managed to help me overcome my hangriness. Disappointing, the ‘jerk’ chicken wasn’t quite what I expected – there wasn’t the hot spicy chilli flavours that make ‘jerk’ chicken so immediately distinguishable. The salad included in the bagel was much better, with fragrant bursts of flavour from the coriander.

Brownie, $4

We finished off our breakfast by splitting a brownie as I had had my heart set on a sweet treat at the Flour Markets. Dense and moist, the brownie was just sweet enough to satisfy, and not so sweet that left a cloying aftertaste in my mouth. Definitely more-ish!

Overall while the bagels weren’t bad at Brooklyn Hide, I don’t think we’ll be rushing back any time soon. I was more disappointed with the lack of spice in the Harlem bagel than I should have been. In the competitive cafe-rich neighborhood of Surry Hills, there’s many other places I’d visit before returning to Brooklyn Hide.

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And as for the Flour Markets? I hope they announce the next one soon and that I’ll be second time lucky!

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  1. Ooh harsh – I have had that long line experience, so totally understand them feels!
    Shame this cafe was not up to standards, but that brownie does look delish!

    Choc Chip Uru

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