Review: The Wedge Espresso, Glebe

I have a great admiration for people who can create and maintain a rockabilly aesthetic. As someone who is so uncoordinated that brushing my hair is pretty much all I’m capable of, the idea of being able to do pompadours, pin-ups, in-curls, peaks and rolls is immensely appealing. And surely a wriggle dress in a funky anchor or cherry print would be far superior to my plain black dresses?

Determined to pursue my dreams of being an immensely pulled-together girl rocking a retro vibe, I decided to head along to the semi-regular Rock n Roll Markets at Sydney University one weekend. Breakfast before the Markets was a must and so my friend Beth and I stopped at the ever-popular The Wedge Espresso for a quick meal before we headed off in pursuit of new additions to our wardrobes (K came along, but not for the additions to his wardrobe!).

Hot Chocolate, $4

I started with a hot chocolate – artistically positioned with my (not hipster enough) sunglasses in the foreground. My attempts to make the shot look appealing came crashing down when Beth pointed out that the hot chocolate hadn’t even been made properly as the cocoa powder at the bottom of the glass had clearly not been mixed in thoroughly. Oh dear.

Banana Bread, $6.5

We ordered a serve of the banana bread which comes served with peanut and dulce de leche butter and sea salt. The serve is very generous, with a thick cut of banana bread that’s the equivalent of two serves at any other cafe. It’s wonderfully toasted to sticky caramelised perfection, and the simultaneously salty and sweet creaminess of the caramel peanut butter is out of this world. I would definitely order this again, next time to have all to myself without needing to share the heavenly spread with others!

The Henry, $12

K orders The Henry toastie, replete with ham, avocado, gruyere, basil, rocket and smashed egg. The yolk of the egg is still runny, and combines beautifully with the chipotle mayonnaise as a dressing that transforms this otherwise simple toastie into something definitely more-ish. Great ingredients make all the difference!

Avocado on Sourdough, $7

Beth keeps it simple, and orders a serve of avocado on toast. I love the way that the avocado is presented when it’s brought out to our table – the upright slices makes the simple dish look a little more special. The sourdough is well toasted, and Beth enjoys the simplicity of this meal.

Rice Pudding, $11

I decide to try something a little more special, and order the rice pudding with figs, pomegranate, walnuts and honey. It’s a surprisingly big serve, and could be enough for two people with smaller appetites. I end up leaving half the rice pudding behind, but eagerly gobble up the sweet caramel figs, the fresh pomegranate seeds, and the sticky honey with the crunchy nuts. Next time, I’d love to see this dish done with less rice pudding, and more toppings.

Overall, we quite enjoyed our meal at The Wedge Espresso – they have some very reasonably priced simple breakfasts, but also options that are a little different and unusual. I think I’ll be back for their banana bread and peanut and dulce de leche butter if nothing else!

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As for the Rockabilly Markets? I walked away with renewed admiration for the whole aesthetic, but only that – as much as I love the look, I don’t think I could ever pull it off successfully!

7 thoughts on “Review: The Wedge Espresso, Glebe”

  1. Wow, the avocado looks amazing! I have like 10 avocados at home (really!) – I gotta start practising and hopefully I can make a flower too, hehe.

    I *love* the rockabilly aesthetic too – I wish I could do my hair in those fancy styles but I’m sooo useless at doing hair! (You gotta get a cherry print dress! I have one and it’s so fun!)

    xox Sarah

  2. Right that’s it Amanda, you need to hook me up with mega good food for the Sunday I’m there!! At least, point me to the best cafe for a long macchiato and eggs benedict…

    Btw, Rock n Roll markets?! That’s just too awesome.

  3. I think I would be more likely to order The Henry or the banana bread that you had with peanut dolce de leche for an afternoon snack. Either one looks filling and you’re right, this cafe seems to offer big servings :). Thanks for sharing!

    Gourmet Getaways

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