Review: Pottery Green Bakery, Gordon

I’m really learning to appreciate some of the dining available in my area. Since I’ve started on my diet and exercise regime, I’ve been doing a lot of low-intensity walking around the suburbs near me and poking my head into each restaurant and shop. There’s a fantastic range of restaurants and cafes in the Middle North Shore of Sydney, all highly underrated and unknown by the foodie community!


One morning, I walk up to Gordon for breakfast with K. We’ve been past Pottery Green Bakery a few times, and have always been impressed with the popularity of the cafe. Inevitably, there’s always a crowd of people either waiting for a takeaway coffee or for a table. We join the crowd on this day, and surprisingly manage to get a table within five minutes!


Pottery Green is decked out in that faux-industrial look that’s so popular right now. With little touches like water being served in a Patron bottle and the table sugar in a Chambord bottle, there’s just little quirks that make the experience of dining at Pottery Green just that little bit more special.

Cappuccino, $3.50
Hot Chocolate, $4

K and I both order hot drinks to help us warm up given the recent cold spell in Sydney. His cappuccino is made with Toby’s Estate beans, and my Belgian hot chocolate is deliciously creamy with two sweet marshmallows on the side to dunk into the hot chocolate and melt. For an indulgence like this, I’ll forget my dairy-free diet!

Salmon and scrambled egg baguette, $11

In the interest of trying a bit of everything, we order a few things to share. We choose one of the few breakfast baguettes on offer – a salmon and scrambled egg combination. The creamy and soft scrambled eggs are the perfect accompaniment to the salty smoked salmon, and the crusty baguette adds a satisfying crunch every time you take a bite out of this delicious breakfast roll.

Ham and cheese croissant, $6

Next, we share a simple ham and cheese croissant. The croissant is perfectly flaky and buttery, leaving smears of butter over my fingers that I lick off with delight. The ham and cheese are also top-of-the-range, and add to the overall decadentness of the dish.

Walnut tart, $4.50

As we walked into the cafe, my eye was caught by the various tarts and pastries that lined the glass cases out the front. I decided that we needed a treat, especially as we had walked to breakfast, so technically we were at negative kilojoules or something like that…right? Anyway, I chose what I hoped would be a slightly healthier choice (nuts!) than the sweet and sticky slices and cakes that were also available. The deliciously sticky walnut tart was literally just caramelised whole walnuts piled high on a tart case…simple, yet surprisingly effective and tasty! With this good experience, I’m keen to try the other pastries and sweets at Pottery Green.

At under $30 for a large and hearty breakfast with drinks for the two of us, you really can’t fault the value at Pottery Green Bakers. We’ll definitely be back – next time for lunch perhaps, so that we can sample their famous Vietnamese pho!

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4 thoughts on “Review: Pottery Green Bakery, Gordon”

  1. That looks like a cute place! I really like the look of the smoked salmon and scrambled egg baguette. It’s funny you say it was cold – when I saw that first photo, I thought “I wish we had blue skies and sunny days like that here in Melbourne!” Hehehe

    xox Sarah

  2. This walnut tart looks fantastic :) Good luck with your diet! I just got back from my 2-week holidays in France with lots of jams, biscuits, chocolates and foie gras… plus brand new love handles on my hip, so will have to get back on track :)

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