Melbourne Sweet Treats: Olympic Doughnuts, Waffee and American Doughnut Kitchen

I am actually physically incapable of stopping myself from craving sweets and running off in search of them. Where some people have a preference for savoury foods, I have a sweet tooth and would quite happily have a dessert for each meal of the day, were it not for the fact that I would balloon out to a most unbecoming size.

This propensity for sweet treats was tested when I found out that Olympic Hot Doughnuts had once again opened up in a new kiosk near Footscray train station in Melbourne, after a brief period of not being able to trade because of the Regional Rail Link developments along the Western suburbs train lines. It’s a real Melbourne icon and has been run by the same man for over three decades.

I dropped by quickly on the way to our Footscray office one morning when I was in Melbourne, but was disappointed to see that it hadn’t yet opened for the day’s trading. Never fear though – my brother came to meet me at work towards the end of the day, so I got him to pick up a bag of donuts for me and my colleagues!


The new kiosk that Olympic Hot Doughnuts is located in is far flashier than the old block that it used to be in. It remains just as popular though, with my brother reporting large crowds that left him waiting almost fifteen minutes to be served.


The owners have kept things simple and transported a lot of the same things that made the old establishment such a cultural icon. Everyone who’s ever been to Olympic Hot Doughnuts always remembers the dolphin jam dispenser – a piece of seventies kitsch that has been kept in use right till today.


The taste remains as superb as they always have been – soft sweet dough with sickly sweet jam, crusted in more-ish sugar crystals. It’s the kind of deep-fried decadence that you always tell yourself you should refrain from indulging in, but always end up justifying as it’s really no more than two mouthfuls, and at such a bargain price!

I’ll definitely be back to Olympic Hot Doughnuts the next time I work from our Melbourne office – I can see this becoming our new post-lunch treat! At under $5 for five doughnuts…how could you say no?

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My next random dessert stop was Waffee (Waffles & Coffee) on Swanston Street near Collins Street. I walked past there with my brother and stopped right in my tracks – it had newly opened since the last time I walked down Swanston Steet late last year and the waffles in the window caught my eye immediately. I talked my brother into sharing a waffle with me as a snack, and went in to make my selection from the many varieties they had available.


I was going to be good and get the most basic original waffle…until the sales assistant managed to talk me into trying the premium waffle, a raspberry and white chocolate concoction (approx $4.95). What did I say about a sweet tooth again? It was delightfully sweet, with a good crisp along the edges of the waffle that added some textural interest. I’m glad I only had half the waffle though, as it might have been a bit too much to have the full one – it’s almost a mini-meal in itself!

I’ll be back to try some of their more conventional flavours…hmmm, I wonder if they do peanut butter…

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My last dessert stop on my recent trip to Melbourne was actually a breakfast dessert stop – how very decadent!


American Doughnut Kitchen has had its doughnut van at Queen Victoria Market for as long as I can remember. It certainly has been part of my family’s ritual to go and buy some doughnuts from there every time we were at Queen Victoria Market, right from the time we immigrated in 1991 to now.  The line is always long, and there’s always half a dozen or more people in the van, working rhythmically to turn out batch after batch of piping hot doughnuts.


K and I were staying at the Jasper Hotel near Queen Victoria Market on our last visit to Melbourne (it was a convenient location for my friend’s wedding that we were attending), and I insisted in going to the Markets for breakfast…and of course, a bag of doughnuts to share! The doughnuts are never disappointing – the dough is as marshmallow-y soft as I remember, and the surprise splodge of jam inside always fills your mouth with delight.

I’ll always go back to American Doughnut Kitchen every time I go to the Markets for as long as they’re there. I’ll take my future kids there, and I hope that one day, they’ll end up taking their kids there, and the enjoyment of these delicious sweet morsels will pass down through the generations.

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