Review: Bills Beans, Orange

I’m recommended Bills Beans by a few coffee connoisseurs prior to my visit to Orange – who unfortunately don’t know that I’m not actually a coffee drinker as I’m a dedicated tea lover! However, K is definitely a coffee lover and once he hears these recommendations, he’s keen to visit. We head over for a quick brunch before heading back to Sydney that afternoon.


After a restless night in the heat of an un-airconditioned hotel room (more on this in future entries!), K needs a cup of strong coffee to kick-start his day. He happily sips the pretty cappuccino delivered to our little table outside, pronouncing it strong and rich enough to wake him up for the drive home.

Bacon and Egg Sandwich
Bacon and Egg Sandwich

I stood in front of the little display counter in the cafe for a few minutes, trying to find something dairy-free to order. In the end I order a simple bacon and egg sandwich, which to my disappointment, has a thick slice of melted tasty cheese inside. It’s melted to the point where I can’t simply remove it from the sandwich, and disappointed, I end up eating my first bit of dairy in over two weeks.

This disappointment doesn’t mean that the sandwich was bad however. On the contrary, the bacon was nice and crispy, and the egg yolk had delightfully melted into the bread. It simply would have been nice to see dietary requirements marked on some of their menu items, but as I progress on this new eating regime, I’m finding that very few places actually do this!

Roast Vegetable Quiche and Salad
Roast Vegetable Quiche and Salad

K orders a roast vegetable quiche which comes with a tiny bite of a side salad. The quiche is very eggy, but at least the pastry has remained flaky (despite sitting in a display cabinet) and there’s a good variety of roast veggies in the quiche.

Overall I rate Bills Beans a 7 out of 10 – Bills Beans is clearly popular with the locals in Orange, and seems to attract a crowd even though it’s not situated in the centre of town. It’s worth an early morning visit for a decent coffee or other hot beverage if you ever find yourself in Orange!

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