Review: Veloce Espresso, Sydney Airport

In the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time at Sydney Domestic Airport. With near-monthly weekend visits back to Melbourne to spend time with my dad and brother, I sampled a fair few dining establishments including Taphouse, MoVida at the Airport and Brasserie Bread. My most recent jet-setting dining venture was Veloce Espresso in Terminal 2 of Sydney Domestic Airport, before an awkwardly timed 6pm flight.


Veloce Espresso is found on the right hand side of Terminal 2 as you come down the escalators from the security checkpoint. Walk straight past the hustle and bustle of the food court to Gate 49 – Veloce is like a haven away from the frenetic energy of an airport and with a seat by the window you’re assured of a good view over the runway as you sit back and enjoy a coffee or meal.


Veloce is best known for its top-quality coffee which has been rated by Bean Hunters as the best coffee available in the airport. They also have a tempting display of grab-and-go snacks and meals available as well – everything from sandwiches to focaccias, wraps, pies and sweet slices and treats.


Stupidly I decided to buck the trend and order a dish of beef nachos off the hot menu, rather than choosing from the display as so many of the airport workers were doing. I regretted my decision almost as soon as I got the dish – the sour cream wasn’t sour at all and was clearly spooned out of some generic tub. The guacamole had no taste of avocado at all. Some of the nachos were stale. It was a highly disappointing dish, and I wish I had tried something else!

Overall, I rate Veloce Espresso a 5 out of 10 – based entirely on what I tried. The hot menu option was highly disappointing, but I think that I would rate them higher if I was a coffee connoisseur, or if I had opted for one of their cold wraps and a sweet slice. It might still be worth trying the next time you’re waiting for a flight!

4 thoughts on “Review: Veloce Espresso, Sydney Airport”

  1. Such a shame about the nachos! I always think of nachos as a decadent treat, so it would be doubly disappointing if they taste bad. It’s always tricky getting good food in airports – I always think that many customers would never come back (or only come back infrequently), so the restaurants/cafes don’t have a huge incentive to provide excellent food and service.

  2. Airport food is rather frustrating sometimes….so hit and miss :/
    Dank St Depot at international departures seems to be quite consistent when I’m there but then my dad had a disappointing meal there once…sighs …lol!

  3. I noticed this cafe when I caught a flight to Sydney a few weeks ago. I hate that feeling of ordering something and instantly regretting it the moment it arrives in front of you at the table. The cafe fit-out certainly gets your attention, maybe you could give something from the display a try next time before you decide not to go there again.

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