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I’ve walked past Kofoo on Sussex Street a number of times before, and slow down every time as I find myself drawn to the brightly advertised $6.95 lunch menu ($6.95! What a bargain!) with a wide variety of options. It always seems to be busy though, with crowds of local office workers filling the tables. I find myself walking past late one afternoon after the work crush is over, and decide to go in for a late lunch.


Kofoo rocks ‘industrial chic’ as their decor of choice, with tall ceilings, exposed framework and brickwork, and concrete floors. The Spartan metal chairs, bright graffiti-esque painted slogans on the walls, and more-than-abrupt service also contribute to this theme.

Side dishes

With each order from the lunch menu, you get a selection of side dishes though not like other side dishes I’ve encountered at other Korean restaurants. The best option here was most definitely the chilled and marinated mushrooms – I couldn’t get enough of those!

Bulgogi Bibimbap, $6.90 (lunch menu)
Bulgogi Bibimbap, $6.90 (lunch menu)

I ordered the bulgogi bibimbap which came served in a stone bowl with a wide variety of ingredients on top. Unfortunately, much of it was quite disappointing – while the beef bulgogi was very tasty, the spinach was limp, and the bean sprouts a bit mushy. It may have been $6.95, but I think it’s very much a case of getting what you pay for.

Overall, I rate Kofoo a 5 out of 10 – based entirely on the $6.95 lunch menu. I saw some people doing a communal hot pot – it would be interesting if that turns out being a better option for dining at Kofoo.

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