Recipe: Peary Berry Smoothie

What do you do when you go to the market and buy what you thought were four semi-ripe pears to eat during the week, only to get home and find that the skin has bruised and the flesh squashed on the journey home?

I ended up making a Peary Berry Smoothie – dairy-free and made almost entirely fruit!


I blended up the last of a bag of frozen mixed berries (approximately 200gm worth) and the flesh of three of the four ripe pears in my trusty NinjaPulse, which was recommended to me by Christine of Cooking Crusade. With a tiny squeeze of lime juice and a dash of water to liquify the mixture further, the thick fruity smoothie was ready to be enjoyed.


The consistency will differ depending on the ripeness of the pears you use. Mine was the consistency of a thickshake, requiring a straw. This recipe is a really easy way to ensure a quick hit of fruit, if you’ve been neglecting your food groups!

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