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K and I do most of our weekly grocery shopping in Chatswood. We have our favourite Asian grocery store (the one at basement level in Victoria Plaza), supermarket (Aldi in Westfield), butcher (the Asian butcher on Spring Street) and grocer (fruitezy in Chatswood Chase). Most weeks we do our shopping on a Saturday morning and have a quick lunch before returning home. One week in particular, we choose to have a meal at Ozeki Sushi with a friend after incidentally bumping into them on the street.

A direct competitor to the busier and more centralĀ Makoto, Ozeki Sushi is located on the far end of Victoria Avenue in Chatswood, directly outside the entrance to Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre. We arrive and leave our names at the door – people are already lining up for a seat and we end up waiting for about fifteen minutes before we are actually seated along the bar.


I always really enjoy watching talented sushi chefs ply their trade – at Ozeki Sushi, six chefs worked side by side seamlessly as they passed ingredients up and down the line and delivered share plate after share plate of sushi onto the train.

I like to take the opportunity to try dishes that are a little out of the ordinary when at sushi trains. While we still get the standard salmon nigiri, I supplement it with dishes that many people might not try. These are just a few of them.


Beautifully charcoal-y unagi nigiri. Eel is an extremely under-used protein in Australia, and I find that I have to go to Japanese restaurants in order to get my fix.


Teriyaki prawn with a dollop of Kewpie mayonnaise. Teriyaki prawn is a very standard choice, but I really enjoy having sushi rolled with an Aonori (flaked seaweed) layer rather than the usual flat Nori. I thought they were a bit liberal with the Kewpie mayonnaise here, a smaller amount on the side would have been more than sufficient.


Sea urchin gunkanmaki. K and our friend chose not to try this dish as I think it was just a little bit too strange for them. I quite enjoy sea urchin though, and Ozeki Sushi’s version was true to the texture and purity of fresh sea urchin with little in the way of sauce or flavour additions.


First rule of going to sushi train: order soft shell crab hand rolls. Second rule of going to sushi train: order a second serve of soft shell crab hand rolls if it’s a soft shell crab omelette that’s deliciously light and fluffy.

Using an Entertainment Book voucher, our total bill ends up coming in at under $50 for three people – a bargain by any means!

Overall, I rate Ozeki Sushi an 8 out of 10 – the sushi was consistently fresh and well made, and there is a good range of options available on the train. I’ll definitely be back the next time I feel like a light meal – the pick and choose style of places like Ozeki Sushi is perfect as it allows you to order exactly as much as you need.
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