Recipe: Vegetable Rice

Would you believe I was an incredibly picky eater as a child and refused to eat anything but plain white rice with soy sauce? Or that when I was at McDonalds, I would eat the plain beef patty but leave the rest of the cheeseburger or the fries? You certainly wouldn’t think it if you know me now – I’ll quite happily eat anything and certainly don’t count picky eating as one of my vices.

As I grew up, my parents started tricking me into eating more vegetables by incorporating it directly into my meals. One of these meals was what they call “choi fan”, or vegetable rice. It’s a very plain one-pot dish that takes absolutely no time at all! As with many of my childhood dishes, I’m starting to cook these simple meals at home for myself.


One cup of jasmine rice, three bunches of bok choy, one serve of protein (I used prawns, but lap cheong is my usual choice), Knorr’s chicken powder.


Wash the rice and put it into the rice cooker.


Chop up the washed bokchoy into half-inch thick pieces.


Mix up the chopped bokchoy with the rice in the rice cooker. Place your chosen protein (prawns in this case) on top, season slightly with Knorr’s chicken powder, and turn on the rice cooker.


Once the rice cooker is done, loosen the rice/vegetable/prawn mixture so it becomes fluffier rice. 


Lightly flavour as needed with soy sauce. 

It’s a super simple one-pot dish that takes barely any time at all – perfect for tempting picky eaters into eating their greens!

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  1. Hi Amanda, funny how our food tastes change as we get older. I’ve only ever cooked plain rice in my rice cooker but knowing I can make an easy, tasty meal like this is great. I must give it a try. x

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