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How many times would you try to get into a restaurant before you give up? Since it opened a few years ago I’ve tried numerous times to get into Jamie’s Italian for an evening meal, but have never been patient enough to wait the two or three hours for a table to open up. It probably doesn’t help that I generally try my luck on a Saturday night after a day spent in the city, and spend my time jostling in the line with a hundred other people who had the same idea!

Finding myself in the city during the day recently, I had the bright idea of jumping into Jamie’s Italian for lunch rather than battling the dinner crowds. And finally, I was successful in my quest for a table!

Posh chips with truffle oil and parmesan, $6.50

I started my meal with a side of the posh chips with truffle oil – I’m a real sucker for truffle chips and this menu item really called to me. The chips were hot with a really satisfying crunch – the parmesan was a fantastic touch, but I would have preferred more truffle oil! This is a great choice for a single side serve, and perfectly sized for a single person.

Jools’ Favourite Sicilian Tuna Fusilli (main size, $18.50)

I’ve always admired Jools Oliver since seeing photos like this – she seems very real, very down-to-earth, and not at all like the usual celebrity wives that you might find in magazines. It’s very naive of me of course, to believe that a ‘celebrity’ is the same as their carefully crafted public persona, but I’m a real sucker.

In any case, if Jamie Oliver was going to nominate one single dish as his wife’s favourite, then I was going to try it! After all, why not trust the judgement of the woman who gets to eat chef-quality dishes every day? I definitely made the right choice – a tuna pasta may sound boring, but it had a real chilli kick that turned it from something simple to something simply scintillating. The herby crumbs on the side also added extra flavour to the dish.

Ji Warm Brownie, $9

Delicious, rich, chocolatey goodness with bursts of sweet raspberries throughout…this brownie was absolutely melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Combined with the creamy house-made vanilla ice-cream, was absolutely to die for. It’s the type of simple brownie that everyone should know how to make as a standard household recipe!

Overall, I rate Jamie’s Italian a strong 9 out of 10.

Attentive service, good presentation, casual chatty atmosphere and impeccable food combine to create a reasonably-priced and memorable dining experience.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Jamie’s Italian, Sydney”

  1. Oh those posh chips look good. Gonna have to try Jamie’s Italian when I return to work next month. They’re just next door to our office.

  2. I also went on my own and got in straight away! I was impressed – 3 courses for under $40. Great food and affordably priced. I must try those chips next time!

  3. I’ve been meaning to try Jamie’s Italian for ages now but you’re right that it is difficult to get a table, esp cos you can’t book for one under six people! Definitely seems like they have some good dishes worth trying though!

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