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I’ve always wanted to have a surprise birthday party thrown for me with everyone jumping out from behind couches shouting surprise and party poppers flying everywhere. In case you can’t tell, I essentially want to live my life as though I was in a TV sitcom. Disappointingly, I still haven’t had a surprise party thrown for me.

I have however done the next best thing and organised a surprise birthday dinner with some of our friends for K’s 28th birthday at Thai Face in Crows Nest. Leading up to the dinner, we had had a quiet weekend because of colds that we were both nursing colds. Playing it cool, I suggested that we go out for a quiet dinner to celebrate his birthday, given that we had otherwise been cooped up in the house the whole day.

Casually walking into the restaurant, I walk straight past the hostess and into the restaurant. K tries to pull me back to the lobby – “What are you doing, we have to wait to be seated?!” Ignoring him, I lead him through the restaurant to a table where our friends are seated. “Surprise” they shouted, and K did a triple take. It was really comical for us to see, fantastic for him to experience, and a relief for me that I had managed to keep the surprise under wraps!


Thai Money Bags
BBQ Pork Salad, tossed in Thai spicy-lime dressing mint, cucumber, onion, tomato and fresh mixed salad

Given that we were both quite sick and not wanting to infect others with our virus, we chose to order three dishes to share between the two of us, rather than a table full of share dishes for everyone to pick at.

The money bags were excellent – the skin was beautifully crispy without being too oily and overdone, and the filling was actually flavoursome enough to not require the accompanying sweet chilli dipping sauce. The fine mince and vegetable filling was really well done, and really exceeded expectations.

The BBQ pork was a real standout in the salad. I’m not sure how the Thai Face kitchen is set up (half of it is in the dining area ‘on display’ for diners, but the other half is out the back), but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had an open charcoal grill somewhere…surely that’s the only way they could have achieved that remarkably smokey and succulent bbq pork?


Gang ga rhi chicken – a mild aromatic yellow curry along with tender chicken breast, baby potato, tomato, onion, garnished with red chilli accompanied by puffy roti

If they consider this a ‘mild’ curry, I don’t know if I want to try a hot curry! This is even considering the fact that I’m normally quite good with spicy foods, gleefully slurping down spicy soups and sauces while others are wiping the sweat off their brow. The buttery and soft roti is probably the highlight of this dish, and I would recommend asking for two extra serves to soak up the sauce at the end!

Overall, I rate Thai Face an 8 out of 10 – great tasty food at great prices, though the rushed and impersonal service leaves a bit to be desired! It’s also definitely a restaurant that you go to with a large group of people – it can be quite noisy and caters for numerous large groups at the same time, so you wouldn’t want to take a romantic date there.

Have you ever thrown a surprise party for anyone, or been on the receiving end of a surprise party? 

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  1. I’ve never had a surprise party! But I think I’m too much of a control freak – I love to organise my own parties, hehe! Hopefully your friends will get the hint from reading your blog and throw you a surprise party for your next birthday!! :)

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