Review: Makoto, Chatswood

The first restaurant I tackled of my 2013-2014 Good Food Under $30 goal was Makoto in Chatswood, described in the guide as:

Of all the trains out there, Makoto’s mega-long sushi hauler is hands-down the winner in both variety and quality. There’s an inspiring range of sushi, sashimi, rolls and desserts, with a few hot options such as yakitori and octopus balls. Deftly sliced fish of the day is a must (New Zealand snapper crowning still-warm rice? Yes please!), and don’t mind the quirky notes such as ‘mackerel: fishy flavour”, because they’re as fresh as can be. Nineties dance music on low volume and efficient service ensure the next sushi-obsessed in queue takes your spot moments after you’ve left.

Yes to all the above, and more…makoto

I think the three standout options for us (I dined with K and my cousin) were:

  1. The soft shell crab hand roll – amazing amount of crab fried and rolled in a thin egg omelette before wrapped in a hand roll. Hot, meaty, and juicy.
  2. The salmon mango roll – a special during ‘salmon season’. The sweetness of the mango and creaminess of the Kewpie mayonnaise really completed the firm meat of the salmon really well.
  3. The deluxe salmon sushi roll, topped with avocado, grilled scallop, and a scattering of large roe that burst in a flavour explosion in your mouth. Luxurious!

I also really enjoyed getting to try some other raw fish, aside from the usual salmon and tuna. The other sashimi options that Makoto had on the night we went included rarer fish such as bonito, garfish and mackerel. We tried the bonito, which was really lovely – stronger in fishy flavour than salmon or tuna, but not overwhelmingly so. They even had a raw oyster gunkan or sea urchin gunkan that you could order.

The only downside to Makoto is that it is marginally more expensive when compared to other sushi train restaurants like Sushi Hotaru. The three dishes I mentioned above were $6.80 each, and the bill for three people came to around $90. For someone on a low to mid range salary, it’s not something that I could justify indulging in every week, but it would be fantastic as a treat once a month.

Overall, I rate Makoto an 8.5 out of 10.

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