Review: Seafood Buffet at The Grace Hotel, Sydney

I’ve done a bit of work with The Grace Hotel Sydney in the past, so when they invited me to attend a celebration of the opening of their new seafood buffet last week, it was a real no-brainer. I did worry for them though – my ability to consume copious amounts of fresh seafood is absolutely legendary. They whisper my names in the halls of fishmongers the world over, a living legend.


From previous experience, I know that the Grace Hotel is really good at delivering tasty cold dishes. True to form, there’s an extensive range of pre-made salads to choose from, as well as a ‘make your own salad’ bar where you can customise your ingredients and dressings. I personally recommend the cabbage salad as one that gives a satisfying crunch, as well as delivering a punch of flavour.


The prawns and the steamed barramundi above were probably my two favourite seafood dishes of the night, along with the marinated baby octopus with roast vegetables. All three dishes had a simplicity based on fresh produce and clean and crisp flavours. Other seafood dishes included raw salmon, a mixed seafood in a type of mornay sauce and clam soup. Unfortunately there wasn’t any of my all-time seafood love (fresh oysters!) at the buffet the night that I went, which was a bit disappointing.


For those amongst us who aren’t seafood lovers (what an abomination!), there are some standard seafood-less dishes on offer that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Roasts, vegetables, pastas – there’s plenty of other dishes to choose from. I tried to stay away from the pasta on the night in a vain attempt to avoid carb overload(fad diets, am I right?), but I was told by other diners that the pasta was a good choice.


There’s a large range of mini-desserts on offer at the buffet as well – my dining partner and I counted about fourteen different desserts. We had the best intention of sampling them all, but only managed to split seven individual treats between us. I can recommend the chocolate mousse dessert with the gingernut biscuit base – in my view, it was the pick of the crop.

You should also try the orange poppyseed cake – a fellow diner spent a good amount of time raving about how perfectly light and fluffy the cake was, and the perfect savoury-sweet finish to the buffet dinner.

The service at the Grace Hotel is always prompt and efficient – our waiters on the night were very attentive and made sure that our wine glasses were always topped up! Kitchen staff also kept a keen eye on the dishes on the buffet – replenishing regularly and ensuring that supplies were always plentiful.

I always enjoy sampling the new offerings at The Grace hotel, and this time was no different. My night was enhanced by my dining companions – there were a few of us representing various media outlets, and it was really interesting having the opportunity to dine with representatives from Sydney Social and people like Enzo of Casa e Cucina.

The seafood buffet dinner is available Tuesday to Saturday nights throughout the year at The Grace Hotel. The special introductory price of $45 per person is only valid until the 31st of July 2013. For reservations, contact or 02 9272 6670.

Note: I dined at The Grace Hotel as a guest of Niche Marketing for review purposes. My experience was free of charge, however all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hey Amanda,
    Thought I’d drop by on your post haha. Your photos totally trump mine! I had such a hard time with lighting :(…need to work on that. Looks like we had similar likes at the buffet :) Hope you’re having a great easter!!

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