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What’s your pick for the best harbourside restaurant or cafe in Sydney?

There’s a lot of contenders, especially given the sheer number of waterways in Sydney. One of my newest favourite is The Deckhouse Cafe in Woolwich – a real hidden gem frequented mainly by locals in the know, located within twenty minutes drive from my home.

I dined there recently with a friend on a weekend. As soon as I walked in, I declared “This is where I’m going to get married!”. A bit premature perhaps given that K and I are thinking late 2015 or early 2016, but the venue actually offers everything that we want from a Sydney wedding – secluded (at the end of a lane near a parkway), waterfront views of the Harbour Bridge and city skyline, open space, and modern casual decor. It’s the perfect location for a wedding reception that leans more towards casual than formal.

Sidebar over! My friend and I chose the perfect day to go out for brunch – sunny but not stifling warm. I ordered the French Toast bruschetta, topped with banana, strawberries, ricotta, honey and cinnamon. It was wonderful – not too sweet despite the toppings, and ┬ásimple and satisfying. It still felt like a ‘special’ meal, fit for the weekend rather than the rushed breakfasts of my weekdays as I scramble to get ready for work. My friend ordered the BLT with house-made chutney which I tried and enjoyed – it had a real salsa-like flavour and texture to it!

On location alone, I give The Deckhouse at Woolwich a 8.5 out of 10.

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