A Holiday Of Culinary Exploration

After a month away travelling around Asia sampling amazing food, I’ve come back to Sydney to a series of catastrophes that’s going to make it a lot harder to share my food experiences with everyone!

My phone was taken on the second last day of our trip, meaning that I lost photos of almost 90% of the food we ate on the trip. While K and I still have some photos of our fancier restaurant meals on the DSLR, we tended to use my iPhone to take photos of the street food we ate. So while I can tell you all about the amazing cao lau we had at the markets in Hoi An, Vietnam, I don’t have any photos to share with you!

My internet service is currently down at home, and won’t be restored probably for another two weeks. This is due to my cancellation of our previous overpriced internet service before we left on holiday, and overly optimistic expectation that our chosen new provider would be ready to rock and roll the day that we returned. This was clearly not the case!

My fridge broke down sometime in the month we were away, and while this technically shouldn’t affect my sharing of food experiences from the past month, it does make it hard for me to come up with meals including ingredients that don’t require refrigeration over the next few days! Not having a fridge or freezer in a Sydney summer where the temperature is expected to hit 43 degrees celsius tomorrow is the stuff of nightmares!

There have been some other personal catastrophes along the way (suspected deep vein thrombosis, a vandalised car windscreen, and leaking shower pipes), but as soon as everything is back on track and my run of bad luck is over, I will be sharing the food of the past month with everyone! Suffice it to say that as a basic summary:

  • Best decadent meal of the trip: Waku Ghin, Singapore
  • Best street food of the trip: Fish soup with hand cut noodles, Hue
  • Best dessert of the trip: High tea at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
  • Best day of overindulgence: in Seremban, Malaysia

Stay tuned for more details soon!

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