Vegbox Meals – Silverbeet Side Dish

NB: I bought an organic vegbox from Doorstep Organics this week. This is a post explaining how I used the produce as a side dish.

Side dish 1: Stir-fried silverbeet in honey, sesame and soy

Ingredients: Silverbeet, honey, soy sauce, sesame oil, Sriracha chilli sauce

I actually had no idea how to cook the silverbeet as it’s not a vegetable that I’ve encountered often before. In the end, I decided to treat it like a leafy green Asian vegetable by simply stir-frying it in a simple sauce.

Chop up the silverbeet into short lengths. Start heating a frying pan or wok with a dollop of oil, and then add some honey, soy sauce and sesame oil to the pan. I added more soy than honey as I prefer a more savoury flavour, but if you prefer a sweeter sauce, more honey is fine too. I added the stalks of the silverbeet to the hot pan first, as they are thicker and require more cooking. Two minutes later, I added the leafy bits of the silverbeet, plus a tablespoon of Sriracha chilli sauce, before putting the lid on the pan and letting it slowly simmer on a low heat to cook the veggies. Five minutes later, I removed the lid, gave the veggies a final stir, then turned off the stove.

We ate the silverbeet as a side to some minor meals we had during the week – e.g. with a leftover beef patty and some rice, as well as on top of some instant noodles as a vegetable element.

Produce Quality: The silverbeet was probably the best quality out of everything in the box – it was vibrant, green and leafy, and hadn’t yet had its leaves attacked by bugs. I rate it a 8.5 out of 10.

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  1. This looks very tasty! I love dark leafy greens and try to eat them as much as possible. Adding the Asian flavours sounds very nice!

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