Vegbox Meal – Simple Roast Veggies with Brown Rice

NB: I bought an organic vegbox from Doorstep Organics this week. This is the fourth post explaining how I used the produce in different meals.

Meal 4: Roast Veggies with Brown Rice and Tuna

This is such a simple, easy, healthy, and fuss-free meal. While it does take a while for the brown rice to cook and the veggies to roast, it’s the type of meal where you can spend five minutes preparing the ingredients, walk away for half an hour, and come back to a ready meal. It’s just enough time to watch an episode of your favourite half-hour sitcom.

Ingredients: Handful of green beans, two carrots, one cup of brown rice, one can of tuna, one large sweet corn cob, olive oil, herbs and spices, salt and pepper.

Peel and cut up the carrots, and take the ends of the green beans. Shuck the corn cob, and cut it in half (two servings!). Place all veggies into a small baking tin, drizzle it lightly with olive oil, dust with some dried herbs, and shake some salt and pepper over them. Put in the oven at about 200 degrees celsius for half an hour.

Wash a cup of brown rice and add it to a rice cooker. Add three and a half cups of water, and let it cook. It should take approximately half an hour.

Once everything’s ready, plate up with a generous serving of beans and carrots, and one half of the corn. Fill a small ramikin with brown rice and then turn it upside down on the plate, so that the rice holds some shape. Indent one half of the rice, and empty a small can of tuna onto the plate. This will be enough for two meals!

Produce Quality: While the beans and the carrots were fairly standard, I was quite disappointed by the corn cob – once cooked, it turned out quite dry, unlike the sweet corn I just buy from my local supermarket which has juicy kernels. Overall rating – 7.5 out of 10.

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  1. Beautiful looking, healthy meal – perfect for weeknights! This is great because I always need inspiration for weeknight dinners.. I always end up making the same ole recipes and get bored of them!! Thanks for sharing!

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