Vegbox Meal: Pork Cutlets with Herbed Mash and Sauteed Vegetables

NB: I bought an organic vegbox from Doorstep Organics this week. This is the third post explaining how I used the produce in different meals.

Meal 3 – Pork Cutlets with Herbed Mash and Sauteed Vegetables


Ingredients: four pork cutlets, Dijon mustard, three potatoes, rocket, butter, garlic, one bunch asparagus, one bunch broccolini, two zucchini, rocket, various herbs and spices, salt and pepper

Start with your potato mash as this takes the longest – skin and wash the potatoes, then cut up and boil in hot water until they go soft. Drain the water, mash the potatoes and mix some dried herbs, salt and pepper and a dash of butter through throughly until the mash is smooth.

While the potatoes are boiling start preparing your veggies just by washing and slicing up the zucchini until it’s in equal lengths. Chop up some cloves of garlic roughly, and fry in a pan with some butter. Once the garlic is cooked, throw in your greens (asparagus, zucchini and broccolini) and let it cook slowly in the pan on low to medium heat until they turn a vibrant green.

While everything is cooking away (potatoes, greens), smother both sides of your cutlets with a light layer of Dijon mustard. Place it under the grill on medium to high heat. It should only take about five to seven minutes on each side, depending how thick your cutlets are.

Plate up with a small serving of mash, covered with some rocket with a pork cutlet on the side. Place a serving of veggies on the side. It should make about four serves, two for dinner, and two for a take-to-work lunch the next day! This is a great low-carb meal option for those watching their carbs.

Produce Quality: In terms of produce quality, this is probably the best meal we had. The asparagus, broccolini and zucchini were the best, no exaggeration.


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  1. Mm yum. I love that its nice and simple and doesn’t use too many ingredients… Something I could realistically make at home :)

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