Vegbox Meal – Sweet Rocket Salad

NB: I bought an organic vegbox from Doorstep Organics this week. This is the first post explaining how I used the produce in different meals.

Meal 1: Rocket salad with cucumber, avocado, tomato, peach and sweet corn

Ingredients: Mixed salad, a handful of rocket, half an avocado, half a cucumber, two Roma tomatoes, half a can of sweet corn kernels, two peaches, ham, balsamic vinegar and sesame oil.

K and I needed a quick and light meal on the weekend, so I just quickly threw together some leftover mixed salad (pre-vegbox purchase) with a handful of the rocket leaves (from the vegbox). I sliced half a cucumber, half an avocado and two peaches (all three from vegbox) along with two small Roma tomatoes (separate purchase, I was surprised the vegbox didn’t have any tomatoes in it) and half a can of sweet corn kernels (separate purchase, just for some different flavours and texture to the salad). Light drizzle of balsamic vinegar and sesame oil for a dressing, with a scattering of ¬†and the salad was ready to go!

The peppery taste of the rocket works best when combined with a sweeter element like the peaches and the sweet corn. It definitely helps to make it a more colourful and ‘fun’ salad – perfect for those people who don’t like boring salads!

Produce quality – the rocket was ‘weedier’ than what I’m used to buying at supermarkets, with a correspondingly bitter taste. The peaches were also not sweet enough to be eaten on their own, but worked well in a salad combined with other ingredients. The avocado was super ripe when I received it – if I had eaten it any more than two days after I received it, it would have gone black. Definitely not something I could have left until later in the week. Overall rating for this produce – 6.5 out of 10.

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