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I recently bought a $35 LivingSocial voucher for a $65 Budget Box of organic fruit and veggies from Doorstep Organics. A few people I know, both in Australia and overseas, use these home delivery services and report good experiences and benefits including the opportunity to try produce they wouldn’t normally eat. More importantly to me, the option of a week’s worth of veggies at half price was appealing!

I knew the first hurdle of getting things delivered would be the delivery itself. I live above a shop, and the entrance to my apartment is from behind the shop, through a large parking garage, up a few flights of stairs…it’s convoluted! I left as precise instructions as possible for the delivery driver and hoped for the best. They did well – I was delighted to find a large box of produce waiting for me on my front step when I got home from work!

The box included: one large bunch of silverbeet, half a celery, one cos lettuce, one bunch of asparagus, one bunch of broccolini, two carrots, two zucchini, one corn cob, one cucumber, one avocado, six potatoes, two handfuls of green beans, two handfuls of rocket, half a dozen kiwi fruit, three bananas, three apples, four peaches, and three oranges.

The quantity provided is about correct for a week’s worth of vegetables for K and I (providing we eat out at our usual rate), though realistically with more variety than we normally buy (e.g. I don’t think we’ve ever bought silverbeet). However we normally eat a lot more fruit than what was provided as we snack on fruit during the day and usually finish our evening meal with a light serve of fruit as well.

I’m already starting to mentally plan our meals for the week based on these ingredients. I’ll let you all know what I end up cooking from the ingredients in this box, and perhaps share a few new recipes as well!

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  1. That’s great! I get a fortnightly delivery from Aussie Farmers for about $25 (w/ free delivery) which lasts us for two weeks although it isn’t organic – they do offer an organic option but its a lil pricey for me. Still – definitely love coming home to a box of fresh vegies! Too awesome:)

    1. I just looked up their boxes! They look pretty good, and even their organic option seems to be better value than this box!

  2. I made an order through Doorstep organics yesterday and I did not receive my order.
    Upon calling to see where it was, they were incredibly rude to me. I voiced that I didn’t appreciate the way I was spoken to.
    I was told that I could have the order re-delivered today. An hour later, the husband of this woman called me from his private cell phone number at not the business number. He told me that I was unconsciously rude to his wife on the phone and that I wouldn’t be receiving my groceries today or “ever”. I most certainly do not believe that I was rude in any way, I was simply calling to see where my order was and the reason why I hadn’t received it. He suggested that I google another service and that I should make my way to a grocery store.
    He refused to deliver the order and was raising his voice. I again reiterated that I would appreciate my delivery as soon as possible. I have ordered from this company on more than one occasion and had not overstepped my boundaries seeking a resolve.
    I find the conduct of the company to be most unprofessional, I certainly do not think that there is any justification for not supplying the goods.

  3. I ordered a yogurt from their clearance items and it had an insect in it. Doorstep Organics would only replace it if I paid the full price of the item. They were really rude about it. I think the guys name is Peter he cancelled my subscription and said I wouldn’t be ordering from them anymore. Pretty nasty guy to deal with. I wouldn’t recommend anyone order from Doorstep Organics because if there is any type of problem they will be really nasty and upset you. It was funny how their number ends in 666.

  4. Doorstep Organics are amazing, live the company and the team members. I have been using them for 18 months and never had an issue with ordering online or the delivery process.
    The produce has always been exceptional. We are a vegetarian family and order an abundance.
    If only all organic suppliers had stock this fresh!

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