Food Advertising Betrayals

Most people realise that advertising and marketing makes things look and seem more grandiose than they actually are. I should know, I work in Marketing for a living! Yet, somehow I still manage to get suckered in by food advertising.

Fast food burgers are a great example – anyone who’s ordered a burger at McDonald’s knows that the squashed pancake-esque burger that you receive looks nothing like the plump stacked burger advertised. I was last suckered in by the Supreme Mango Milk Crushed Ice at Taiwanese dessert house Meet Fresh.

mango  mango

As a mango lover, I have to confess I was there for the mango, and it was disappointing to get the final product and have more shaved ice with artificial mango syrup than mango. I have to say though, the dessert was actually really well done, and would have been totally satisfying had you not seen the ad beforehand. The creaminess of the vanilla ice-cream on top combined well with the chill of the flavoured shaved ice, and the sweetness of the mango. If you like Asian-style dessert, this is the dish for you – and a friend! Trust me, you will need two, if not three people to attack this massive dessert!

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