Review: Lucio’s Italian Restaurant, Paddington

For my not-quite-father-in-law’s sixtieth birthday recently, we dined at Lucio’s Italian Restaurant.

Lucios Lucios

The most astounding thing about Lucio’s is the decor. The restaurant lives and breathes art, with every square inch of the wall covered in an original artwork by a local artist. The waiter informed us that the pieces we see on the walls is but a fraction of the full collection that Lucio owns, having acquired pieces over the years from local artists who gift him with paintings and pieces of art in appreciation for the food and hospitality they get at the restaurant.

The second most astounding thing about Lucio’s is the food. I ordered a black handkerchief pasta with seafood for entree, a roast duck dish for mains, and a chocolate five ways for dessert.┬áThese dishes will change from time to time in keeping with whatever is in season, in fact, the menu has already changed since I ate there a month ago. I believe the black handkerchief pasta is a staple though, so I do recommend that dish – it’s a very different style of pasta and those who have only ever had typical spaghetti, penne and fusilli might find it too different. However, once you get over the slightly glossier texture, the dish is really quite unique and delicious!

Finally, the third most astounding thing about Lucio’s is how flexible they are and the service that they offer to their guests. We had a vegetarian dining with us, and the waiter bent over backwards to help them choose a dish to adapt to their dietary needs. Similarly, when other guests asked for two entrees instead of an entree and a main, the restaurant easily catered for them as well. Our waiter was also very personable, suggesting particular dishes, making jokes and simply ensuring that our group had a good night.

I would recommend Lucio’s for those wanting good hearty food in a semi-casual and fun atmosphere. It has a slightly higher price point so it definitely isn’t the type of restaurant I could afford to visit more than once every few months, but well worth it for special occasions. I rate Lucio’s an 8 out of 10.

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