Review: Wasabi Bistro, Surry Hills

If there’s anything I like more than sushi, it’s paying lower than market-rate for all-you-can-eat sushi. I’m a girl on a budget after all! The $29 Ouffer voucher for all-you-can-eat sushi for two people at Wasabi Bistro that I bought fit the bill perfectly.

K and I went all out, took advantage of the excellent deal, and tried a bit of everything! A quick summary:

  1. Nigiri: Grilled Salmon, Salmon Belly, Deep Fried Prawn, Tuna and Egg
    • The tuna and salmon belly were particularly good – and particularly fresh.
  2. Rolls: Tiger, Rainbow, Spider, Salmon and Avocado
    • The rolls were definitely the highlight of our menu! The Tiger, Rainbow and Spider rolls were absolutely amazing. The mix of elements in the Rainbow roll (tuna, prawn, salmon and avocado) went together really well.
  3. Gumkan Ship: Tobiko
    • I love fish eggs like you wouldn’t imagine – the burst of flavour when you bite into a fish egg really makes sushi shine. This dish was particularly amazing.
  4. Hand Roll: Soft Shell Crab, Tempura Prawn

Overall, I quite liked Wasabi Bistro – while the decor was cold and service was a bit difficult as staff English levels were lower than average, the food was actually amazingly tasty. It was great value, but beyond that, it was quite simply great sushi. 7 out of 10!
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3 thoughts on “Review: Wasabi Bistro, Surry Hills”

  1. I have to say, either you went on a particularly good day or they knew you were critiquing their food – because when I went with a group the sashimi slices on the sushi was about 1/10th of what’s in your photos !

    1. I think sushi can be really hit and miss from day to day! I had a good experience, but I’m not surprised to hear that you didn’t. I think it probably helped that I went during the week (a Tuesday), so they weren’t as busy as they would be on the weekend, so they were probably more generous as a result!

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