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K and I ate breakfast at The Vintage Cafe on The Rocks a few weeks ago, as we had commitments in the area that morning. This was unusual for us, because although we tend to eat out frequently, it tends to be at night. Breakfast is a meal that we nearly almost always have at home and tend to keep relatively simple. It was a real treat, especially as I’m the type of person who considers bacon to be a food group in itself!

We each ordered the Full Vintage Breakfast – mine with poached eggs and his with scrambled eggs. I had a hot chocolate (mug-sized), and K had a cappucino.

Most “Breakfast with the Lot” or “Big Breakfast” options at cafes around town will tend to have a fairly standard menu – toast, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, maybe spinach and sausage as well. The food is generally divided into 30% carbs (toast), 30% protein (eggs and bacon) and 30% produce (mushrooms, tomato, spinach, etc.). The Vintage Cafe had other ideas. 

Our Full Vintage Breakfasts consisted of a whole chorizo, two eggs, half a fried tomato, three long lengths of bacon, a slice of sourdough toast, and a slice of rye toast. Talk about bulking up on carbs and protein! I personally found the immensity of the meal overwhelming – the meal was quite heavy and it did sit in my stomach for hours afterwards.

Having said that, the chorizo was excellent with the right amount of crispy skin and burst of flavour, and the fried tomato was done to perfection. Both the sourdough and rye were tasty, and I can be picky about my breads so that says a lot. Unfortunately, the bacon wasn’t as crispy as I personally prefer (crispy with a crunch!) though others would probably enjoy it. The hot beverages were pretty standard – K didn’t rave about the coffee, so though passable, it was nothing to write home about.

The main attraction to the Vintage Cafe seems to be the location. Tucked into the narrow Nurses Walk in The Rocks, it’s the type of small cafe that lends itself well to people-watching if you have a table on the balcony. Most passerbys will be tourists given the olde-world charm of the buildings in The Rocks. It would be the perfect place for a lazy Saturday afternoon drink as you watch the world go by.

Overall, I rate the Vintage Cafe on The Rocks a 6 out of 10.
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  1. Mmm that mug of hot chocolate looks pretty good! Looks like a pretty decent breakfast place too :)

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