A Public Holiday Lunch Party

I had my in-laws around for lunch a few weeks ago on the Monday public holiday. I kept the menu relatively quick and simple, given that the last thing I wanted to do on my day off was to spend the morning slaving over the stove.


  • Salmon and cream cheese on baguette
  • Rocket, pear and walnut salad with Jalsberg cheese and a balsamic vinegar dressing
    • Wash rocket, slice pears, slice Jalsberg cheese thinly, scatter walnuts and dress it all with balsamic vinegar, before mixing the salad.


  • Beef pot pie (not dissimilar to this chicken pot pie)
  • Roast potato and carrot with Moroccan spicing
  • Asparagus in a garlic butter sauce


Rave reviews for all parts of this lunch, and it took only one hour the night before for preparation, one hour of preparation that morning, and half an hour of cooking in the oven. Not bad for a lunch party for four with lots of leftovers for during the week. Total cost in the region of $60, with leftovers.

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