Pimms with Friends

When I moved to Sydney from Melbourne a year ago, I knew no more than a handful of people. I was going to be building my life and friendship networks from scratch, and I was scared. Making friends when you’re an adult is hard.

Unlike school, you won’t be spending every day with a group of people your age with similar interests to you. Your colleagues at any job will be a very diverse group of people at varying stages of their lives. You may have nothing in common with them, and they may never become close.

I was very lucky. I moved up here for a new job opportunity but I never thought that my job would also afford me a close-knit group of colleagues, ranging from 23 to 50 years of age, all of whom get along really well and who I socialise with outside of work. I couldn’t have asked for a friendlier or more welcoming group.

We went out last night to The Arthouse Hotel for a colleague’s farewell party. Past colleagues also came along to celebrate as well which I think says the most about the type of friendships that develop at my work.

Anyway, you know a night is going to be big when you start it by drinking straight from the jug! I tried Pimm’s for the first time, which I really liked it…the recipe from the website is below.

Post Modern Pimm’s

The ode to the classic Pimm’s cup is created to entice a new following of Pimm’s drinkers. Keeping the fruit quite traditional we add fresh mint, strawberries, cucumber and sliced oranges. A generous helping of Pimm’s is added then we soften this mix with some French strawberry liqueur. Finished off with equal parts lemonade and good quality ginger beer this drink is sure to make cult status.

At The Arthouse Hotel

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